Smooth away that frown: Realine

What is it?  A neat little box of stick-on face patches made from hypoallergenic material.  

What’s the USP?  Smooth out the wrinkle that’s bothering you – say the glabellar lines, the vertical lines that form between the eyebrows, stick on a patch and leave it on overnight. What it aims to do is ‘re-educate’ the area by restricting muscle movement, teaching the muscles that usually pull that bit of skin into a crease, to relax (yes, just like good old Frownies, but more modern and expensive). 



How new is it? Just launched in Fenwick, and also available online (£28 for a month’s supply,

I’d sure… they’re worth a try. They’ve even been put through a trial, and emerged with flying colours – 84 per cent of the participants said their frown lines appeared smoother after using the patch.