RelumaWhat is it?  V v high-tech ‘revolutionary’ skin-illuminating anti-ageing serum, with big claims — namely, that it ‘rapidly helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and photo damage, increase elasticity and regenerate new tissue’. 

What’s the USP? A carefully constructed blend of growth factors and ‘matrix proteins’ to help rejuvenate the skin. That’s easy enough to write and sounds like so much blah, but having had a short briefing on the product, it seems to be the most stupendously complex formula that I’ve seen in a long time, created by a biotech company (Invitrx Therapeutics) that specialises in stem-cell technology.


Hero product? It’s just the one and frankly, for the techology behind the thing, £79.95 doesn’t seem that much for 20ml of the stuff.  If you’re interested in reading the detail, see the company’s website  £79.95 at


Why the name? Because of the way it’s going to relight the glow within your skin…  

How new is it? 
Just launching in the UK  

I’d try… I’m giving it a whirl just now and can report… well, it’s easy enough to use, but like many serums, leaves skin sticky if you use too much. If it is going to make any improvements in my skin it will take weeks and weeks to do so, in which case I will report back.