Claims to soften scars old and new: Remescar

What is it?  A new range of scar-reduction products from Belgium.  

What’s the USP? Much more effective and easy to use and widely available than other scar reduction remedies. 

Hero product? The Silicone Scar Stick (£19.99 at Boots). The solid ‘stick’ formula makes it very simple to apply. Wiping it over the scar (it must be a properly formed, closed scar) leaves behind a film of silicone, which will keep moisture in the scar tissue – which is the key factor in softening scars. On top of this, it contains beta-glucan, which is calming on the skin and also helps maintain the silicone in a film, and UV filters, to protect the scarred skin from the effects of daylight (scars suffer more from UV light than normal skin). 



How new is it? Just launched in the UK

I haven’t tried it yet … but certainly would try it, for sure, it ticks all the boxes for a product that should work just as well as it claims. And there’s a cream version which has been shown in a clinical trial to reduce the severity of stretch marks by up to 50 per cent within a month.