To the power of five: S5 serum range

What’s the USP? Organic cosmeceuticals designed for stressed skin, with powerful, clinically proven bioactives sourced from the planet’s most extreme ecosystems.’ That’s what they say and it covers all bases like a dustsheet, really. 

Hero product? S5 Renew Serum (£52, www.s5skincare.com) and Selfridges in London). The serum is full of botanical peptides that are meant to smooth away expression lines and reduce wrinkles, and artic glycoproteins that have both wrinkle-busting and collagen-boosting ability.  It has a faintly disagreeable smell – but hey, what’s that when it comes to the possibility of making your face look smoother and happier?    


Why the name? After the five extreme global ecosystems from which the key active ingredients are sourced (since you’re wondering, these are, the Antarctic, the sea, high altitude regions, the rainforest and the desert).   

How new is it? Launched last month  

I’d try…? Any of it – the range has been developed by the team that created first Nude, and now Evolve skincare, who know their onions when it comes to finding natural solutions for skin problems. It’s all hypoallergenic and ECOCERT-certified organic, too.