Home fragrances made fun.


What is it?  They’re a cross between scenting your home with a candle and oil burner — Scentchips are little wax discs that melt when heated in an oil burner and diffuse their scent.

Originally from Australia, they come in 72 different fragrances and can be mixed together to create your own signature fragrance. They’re considerably stronger than the average scented candle, which is something I can vouch for as I have one burning away as I write. The scent can apparently travel over 250 metres so will fill your house or office.

Scentchips are made of soy wax, fragrant oils and non-vegetable dyes and are presented like a Pick & Mix selection, so you can grab a bag and make your own blend.

Find them at Holland & Barrett, from at £3.95 for 8 pieces.