What is it? Remarkable new brand of ‘integral’ Spanish skincare that merges the best active natural ingredients with the best latest high-tech offerings. ‘Our treatment does not promise miracles,’ says the brand, but ‘it guarantees optimal skin preservation for a lifetime.’

Fine-tuning for skin: Sepai's customisable skincare

What’s the USP? Personalised ‘beauticeuticals’ – which means highly functional skincare (ie products that really work)that can be customized to suit your specific ageing concerns. So you take one of their ‘base’ creams or serums for face or body, which are very decent high-tech products in their own right, then you buy whichever extracts you fancy, squirt them into your base bottle – they’re fancily packaged up like syringes, give it a shake and away you go.


Hero product? Not the face-creams, but their cellulite-blasting V6.2 extract (£48), which can be added to the body cream or body primer (£53).


Why the name? ‘It’s just a name that we liked, which is easy to say, and everyone could pronounce it,’ says Paola Gugliotta, who founded the brand with Roxana Chang. 

How new is it? Launched in Spain in 2009, recently arrived in the beauty hall at Launched in Spain in 2009, recently arrived in the beauty hall at Selfridges.

I’d try…? the Paparazzi facial moisturising base (oil-free, gives a lovely glow, £48) perhaps with the Lifting and Firming actives (£36 each).