Should young women be having tweakments?

Should young woman be doing Tweakments? I find this a really difficult topic to discuss because personally I wish they wouldn’t, but that makes me sound like a real grumpy old reactionary —  and hypocritical as well because I’ve been doing these things for as long as I’ve been able to get hold of them and I’m sure if they had been around when I was 25, I would have been very curious to try them, too. 

The fact is that tweakments for younger people are on the rise (I say ‘people’ because it’s not just 20-30-year old women who are driving this trend, loads of young men are curious to see what injectables can do for their faces, too). A 2019 survey by RealSelf UK said that millennials were driving the growth in interest in medical aesthetic treatments across the country, and it has only grown since then. 

That survey, conducted online by The Harris Poll, revealed that nearly two-thirds (62%) of millennials  (that’s those aged 18-34), are considering non-surgical treatments (compared to 28% of those aged 35+) and close to half (44%) are considering surgical treatments (vs. 14% aged 35+). 

My concern is that youngsters, particularly those aged 18-25, have not settled in their looks yet and, as far as I am concerned, they are all gorgeous anyway. Maybe they just don’t see that.

So, I really don’t agree with it, yet, I when I write about this topic for the papers it gets a lot of reaction. One woman contacted me on Instagram saying,  ‘Look I know you don’t agree with this but tweakments really helped me…’,  she was 26 and she had thought long and hard about it; she did her research and she went to a great practitioner. And she said it has absolutely changed her life and her personality and you can’t argue with that.