SHOW Beauty


SHOW Beauty


For the locks of an heiress.

What is it?  It’s an ultra-luxe hair styling range of products by uber-glamorous heiress Tamara Ecclestone.  

What’s the USP? It’s a chance to have hair as luscious as Tamara’s and to feel a touch of the glamour of her jet-set life, however it doesn’t come cheap and doesn’t allow for the fact that Tamara’s locks probably have as much to do with genetics and youth as hair styling products.  


Hero product? Limited Edition Treatment Oil (£155, a lightweight leave-in pure treatment elixir to restore lustre and shine, full of anti-oxidants and nutrients. However what will really make you feel like a billionaire’s daughter is the amazing cut glass bottle with a cap embellished with 800 golden Swarovski crystals hand applied by skilled artisans taking, apparently, six hours apiece.


How new is it? It launched this year.

I’d try… maybe the Hair Fragrance (£55) a new trend in hair products that has even been embraced by Chanel.