Patent appeal: Simontherapie MicroPeel

What is it? Interesting range of cosmeceuticals — that’s skincare that hovers in the grey area between the cosmetic and the pharmaceutical — from a cosmetic dermatologist. 

What’s the USP? High-tech products designed to nurture ageing skin and yield noticeable results.


 Hero product? Gold Acid-Free Micro-Peel. £120 is a lot to pay for a wash-off exfoliating product but there’s a lot of complex skincare science behind it (which I’ll spare you, not least because I don’t fully understand it). But along with tiny particles of 24-carat gold which meant to stimulate the micro-circulation in the skin are the ‘Phytocytes’, Dr Simon’s patented botanical plant extract, which are microscopic ‘spikelets’ capable of penetrating deeply into the epidermis, lifting dead skin and stimulating cell renewal.


Why the name? After the line’s creator, cosmetic dermatologist Dr Véronique Simon, whose Knightsbridge clinic is a highly-favoured haunt of smart women who want their faces ‘helped’ and sculpted, but not in an overly obvious way.  

How new is it? Launched around 18 months ago.   

I’d try…? That Micropeel ( It’s curiously addictive. And also because Dr Simon has pictures from clinical studies that show that it noticeably decreases wrinkles (by up to 61%) after seven weeks’ use.