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Our Skincare Resolutions for 2024

9th January 2024

The start of a new year can feel like a brilliant opportunity to revamp your skincare routine – it’s a time for new beginnings after all. However, before you jump in and make lots of changes (with the cost implications to match), here are a few of our 2024 skincare resolutions you might want to bear in mind. The aim: to help you build a sustainable regime that actually works for your skin goals and budget.

Resolution 1: I will get to know my skin

What are your skincare goals in 2024? If you haven’t spent any time thinking about that question, don’t press check out on your beauty shopping list just yet. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up buying things you just don’t need. Instead, however awkward it sounds, I’m committing to analysing my own bare skin in the mirror for five minutes every couple of months (just as a good practitioner would do with you in clinic). My hope is that it will help me get to know my skin a bit better – both what I like and what I’d love to improve, acknowledging that, often, those feelings can change over time.

How you can do it too:

Start by listing what you like most about your skin and what you wouldn’t want to change – is it nicely hydrated, even in tone, or bright and glowing, for example? Then, set one goal that you’d like to focus on improving (without affecting what you love), whether its smoothing wrinkles, or tackling a dry, dull complexion. Together, those two simple questions can give you a clearer idea of what skincare you actually need; both when shopping the skincare aisles and when discussing your goals with a practitioner.

Resolution 2: I’ll choose one thing (at a time) to get excited about

With so many new products and trending ingredients flying around, it can be tempting to constantly buy into the hype and end up overwhelming your skin by switching between tons of new products. I’m hoping to do my face (and my bank balance) a favour by ending that vicious cycle this year. I’m still going to allow myself to get excited about innovative new skincare – and you should too, especially when research is powering actives that can give you great results with fewer side effects – but I’m not going to rush the process.

How you can do it too:

If you tend to get a little overexcited about new skincare, try setting up a ‘one in, one out’ policy for each stage of your routine – both in terms of when to purchase something new, and when you start using it. You can still keep a note of what you want to buy next in the meantime, but you may be surprised how often and quickly your ‘need’ for the next big thing dampens when you give yourself some more thinking time. And, if it doesn’t, you’ll get an even bigger serotonin-hit when the time comes to actually try it for yourself.

Resolution 3: I’ll think about skincare like medicine 

Alice has a really good analogy when it comes to skincare that I’m definitely going to be adopting for 2024: if you want to get results, start thinking about skincare like medicine. Basically, if you are given a course of antibiotics, it is drilled into you that you need to use them exactly as prescribed by your doctor – aka twice a day for the full treatment period, for example. That’s the way you get results. It’s the same with skincare. You need to be consistent with your full routine and commit to using it properly (especially if you invest in potent actives) to see visible improvements in your skin. After all, even the best skincare for common skincare concerns, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, can’t give you results overnight.

How you can do it too:

Your actives-based skincare needs at least one (if not two) skin cycles to make a noticeable difference, so keep Alice’s analogy in mind when you don’t get instantly smoother, evenly-toned skin, to really help manage your expectations. It’s also a reminder to make sure you read the ‘how to use’ instructions – as you would with medication. We can all be guilty of being rather gung-ho about using a new product, but the instructions reflect how the formula was tested to support its claims, so following them is the best (and safest) way to maximise your chances of getting the results you are hoping for.

Resolution 4: I won’t forget the basics 

Consistency really is key when building a successful skincare routine, so that means no skincare resolution list would be complete without continuing my effort to never overlook the importance of the traditionally ‘unsexy’ side of skincare – namely, keeping cleansing and SPF at the centre of my regime.

How you can do it too:

Yes, I know we bang on about it a lot, but if you can reach the end of 2024 safe in the knowledge that you’ve at least thoroughly washed your face and worn sunscreen as regularly as possible, alongside perhaps one active-based serum, your skin will really thank you for it. Don’t believe us? Take a ‘before photo’ now and compare it in a year’s time. You might be surprised how much simple consistency can boost your results.




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