Skincare review: Dr David Jack’s ‘Integrative Beauty’

This little trio came my way in the summer and because the bottles are cute and portable and the products cover all  my basic skincare needs, they have been travelling everywhere with me.

What’s this range?

 Dr David Jack, creator of the Integrative Beauty range
Dr David Jack, creator of the Integrative Beauty range

Dr David Jack is a well-known cosmetic doctor with a practice on Harley Street.

I’ve been to him for various treatments for the papers (eg a hand-injection treatment, here)  and often quote him in articles, because he knows his stuff and is great at what he does.

And now he has brought out a range of what he calls ‘integrative skincare’.

So … integrative skincare?

That means putting together skincare and oral supplements and, says Dr Jack,

‘the idea behind these products is to boost the skin  with high levels of antioxidants, from the inside and outside.’

Which makes absolute sense, in that we can all do with more antioxidants on the skin, to help counteract the effects of free radicals (unstable molecules that accelerate ageing in the skin), and scoffing more of them, too, is surely a good thing since few of us eat enough colourful vegetables to get as many as we ought.

And the products?

It’s a really nice compact line with just only three products – but they are the three things your skin really needs,  ie antioxidants and sunscreen in the morning, to protect the skin during the day, and a vitamin-A cream at night, to help the skin repair itself.

 Morning skin booster with 10% vitamin C to brighten skin  The antioxidants

‘Good morning!’ (I love the chirpy names) is an ‘advanced antioxidant serum’ which is mostly vitamin C (10% stabilised L-ascorbic acid) which is fine to use every day and strong enough to help repair past sun damage in the skin and also strengthen the skin against UV light (but no, not enough that you don’t need a sunscreen). It’s nice to use, non-stinging and quite liquid, so it spreads easily around the face, sinks in quickly and has a slight tightening effect which I like.

The moisturising sunscreen

All Day Long is a broad-spectrum sunscreen (ie, it gives you thorough protection from both UVA and UVB rays) in the form of a very nice moisturiser which again suits my skin very well, and on top of the Good Morning serum, is all I need by way of hydration. It feels creamy but it’s light, and has plenty of hyaluronic acid in it, which holds onto water in the skin to keep it comfortable and plumped up. There’s also citric and lactic acid in here, which both have a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin to speed up skin cell turnover (something that slows down in, er, older skin).

I particularly like the fact that is has a light yellowy-beige tint to it which stops it looking ghostly on the skin, like so many SPF50 moisturisers. And it’s water-resistant, too. I found it was easy to use too much of this  – partly because I always think more is more when it comes to sunscreen, but then I often end up with a sticky face as a result of it. My one criticism of this is that because it’s more of a cream than a liquid, you get to a point where the pump won’t suck it out of the bottle any more, even though there’s quite a bit still in there.

At this price, you wouldn’t want to waste any and it’s not very glam digging it out of the bottle with the bottom of the pump mechanism or a cotton bud, but needs must. And yes, it is quite unusual for me to get to the end of any product so that gives you a clue as to how much I liked it.


 Overnight skin reviver from Integrative Beauty  Overnight skin reviver from Integrative Beauty

The night cream

‘Good night!’ is an ‘active night cream’ which here translates as one based on Vitamin A. Now, vitamin A is the business when it comes to rejuvenating the skin and geeing up the slow turnover of skin cells in older skin, though how active a vitamin A product is depends on what sort of vitamin A it has in it. Here, it’s retinyl palmitate, which is a gentler and less active form than retinol, so it will help repair the skin but slowly (on the plus side, it means it is easy to tolerate – the drawback with stronger types of vitamin-A-derived ingredients is that they can make the skin a bit irritated and dry) and I found that I could happily use this every night without it stressing my skin out (with retinol, by comparison, I find I can only use a 0.5% concentration every other night).  Same issue with the pump not extracting all the product as with the day cream.

 And the 'skin shake' for a dose of beauty-from-the-inside-out  And the supplements

I’ve tried the SkinShake powder, which is like a supercharged protein shake with pea protein, supergreens, peptides and antioxidants including glutathione and vitamin C, which is a pretty comprehensive bunch of building blocks for the skin. You mix it up with water, or stick it in a smoothie and it tastes fine (very sweet, but that’s stevia, not sugar, thank goodness). Can’t see the price of it as it is sold out on the website just now – so it’s obviously popular.

The bottom line

A great little range with products that are small, perfectly formed, nicely formulated and reassuringly (or alarmingly, depending on your perspective) expensive at £89 each for 30ml.