For clear skin: Skinetica

What is it? Anti-blemish skincare

What’s the USP? A new approach to tackling spots: rather than killing off acne bacteria with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (which are powerful but can leave skin reddened and dry), this watery solution forms a thin layer across the skin and its molecules pierce the cell wall of the acne bacteria that cause spots, killing them without harming healthy skin. The active ingredient is organosilane quaternary ammonium compound; the solution is chemically inert, so you don’t get any side effects. 


Hero product? It’s just the one product and costs a very reasonable £6.99 at independent chemists or from


How new is it? Just re-launched — it used to be called Acnigon — but interesting enough to bring to your attention. 

I’m…    giving it to a spotty friend, to give it a whirl. Online reports look enthusiastic. So we’ll see how it goes.