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New Brand: Skingenius
November 13, 2016

Where do you start with spots? ‘What do I do about spots? Where do I even start?’ It’s something I get asked quite a lot, usually by mothers of teenagers who have just started ‘breaking out’ and who don’t want to use products which contain what they see as ‘harsh chemicals’, particularly not to start with. 

A quick grumble

Apart from the fact that this makes me feel like an old cynic (because I have to bite my tongue to stop myself saying that they could save themselves a lot of time by skipping the tea-tree oil stage and going straight to using products that really work, things that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide – though admittedly that’s hard to find without a prescription)…  I have every sympathy. And if you or someone you know falls into this camp of wanting to try something gentle as a first foray in the campaign against acne, here’s something new that would be well worth a try. 


New, pure and botanical-based

It’s called SkinGenius is a new brand created by Hilery Dorian. She is a homeopath and was co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals (remember them and their lovely Rosa Fina products?) so she knows more than most about creating skincare products with natural actives. For SkinGenius, she has teamed up with beautician Julia Vearncombe, with the aim of creating skincare that is genuinely effective at tackling hormonal teenage skin and its frequent outbreaks. 


Keep it simple

Hilery and Julia know that when trying to persuade teenagers to even use skincare, the key is to keep things simple – so there’s a face wash, a ‘clarifying lotion’ and a moisturiser, and that’s it.


How natural is natural? 

The label ‘natural’ is much abused in skincare but by anyone’s ‘green-o-meter’, SkinGenius is way over on the ‘good’ side. The products contain a mass of botanical ingredients from agrimony, a herb that helps wound healing, to berbamine, an antibacterial compound found in the herb oregon grape. Key actives ingredients include calendal, witch hazel and mallow extracts which have antibacterial properties and help soothe inflamed skin and they have a ‘no junk’ policy, which for them means no parabens or mineral oils. The Clarifying Lotion has a base of aloe and water. I was puzzled that the next ingredients by volume on the ingredient list were denatured alcohol and alcohol (not often a skin-friendly ingredient); Hilery says this is from the herbal tinctures in the compound, and it helps with evaporation on the skin. 


Does it work? 

Their testing so far has been limited to an extended group of family and friends -and nearly 100 spotty teens — who report good results, with inflammation reducing within days, and calming right down after a few weeks. 


So, where to start?

To me, the clarifying lotion looks like the key product – and if your teen will only use one product, this is your best bet.  

SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion costs £15.99 for 100ml and is available from