St Tropez in Shower Gradual Tan
September 30, 2015

Coming back from holiday with a bit of a tan  (shock horror! beauty ed exposed to sunshine!), I feel the need to keep up the colour and am loving the new St Tropez in-the-shower gradual tanner. I know I am a bit late to the party on this, as it launched months ago. One reason I’ve been slow to try it is
that the lovely Karen Heath, who works with me, found that it really didn’t work for her, particularly the bit where you have to stand about in the shower, chilly and damp and covered in the cream, for three long minutes.

But in the end, curiosity got the better of me. Last week I gave it a whirl and now I’m hooked. It’s easy enough to use – you shower, then apply the cream and massage it in, leave it for three minutes, then rinse off — and the colour that develops over the next few hours is good and natural.
Explaining how it works as a wash-on product is beyond me. But for me, the two big plus points are that the telltale smell of DHA – the ingredient in self-tan that reacts with the proteins in your skin to create the brown colour, and which you can then smell on yourself every time you turn around for the next few days — is absolutely minimal. And the colour is really even — even on my knees and ankles which almost inevitably end up too dark however much I pre-moisturise them.
My pet theory for why the colour seems so even is because the all skin is wet before you apply this new product – so it’s a level playing field, if you like. Normally, some patches of skin (like the knees, wrists and feet, where the skin is drier) absorb more than their fair share of any tanning product and stain up accordingly. But whatever, it works.
As for standing around shivering in the shower for three minutes? It’s not so bad if the radio is on. And there’s nothing to stop me climbing out of the shower and brushing my teeth or doing a quick set of squats to pass the time while I’m waiting…

£14.50 at St Tropez website