For the right time of your life.

What is it? The clue is in the rather unsexy subtitle, ‘The Menopause Skin Care Range’. However, this is a lovely, high-quality, well-researched range of products with the ever-youthful Linda Barker as its poster girl.


What’s the USP?  During the menopause, a woman’s skin undergoes massive changes due to the dramatic drop in hormone levels. Collagen levels plummet, so skin loses its firmness and wrinkles get deeper faster. The brand has based its formulae on research from Reading university which showed how a combination of peptides can stimulate the skin to generate 70 per cent more collagen and deliver nutrients, hydration and vitamins when your skin needs it most.


Hero product? Menopause Skin Protect Cream (£85, a moisturiser with a blend of six  peptides to improve the skin’s collagen production and protect skin from changes caused by the menopause.


Why the name? Stratum C –  because the Stratum Corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis and keeping it in a healthy state is vital for the proper functioning  of the skin.


How new is it? It launched in September 2013.


I’d try them….   all! There’s a cream or serum for everything from an overnight spot cream with salycylic acid and zinc oxide to a pigment correction gel to reduce age spots.