Clean, calm, organic and natural :Suti

What is it? Over-and-above-the- usual holistic-criteria range of natural and British skincare, created by a former homeopath. 


What’s the USP? Handcrafted organic skincare based on energy healing. The full monty, in terms of natural skincare — as the entire range contains organic essential oils and cold pressed vegetable oils, the formulas are fully natural, and for good measure, they’re made while working with the energy of the full moon, clear quartz crystals, flower essences, reiki and meditation.


Hero product? The Rejuvenate Face Oil, £32, 


Why the name? Because it was set up by Suzannah and Tina, who is Suzannah’s sister-in-law as well as her business partner. 


How new is it? Launched a couple of years ago but shame on me, I only just caught up with it at the CEW demonstration evening this week.