T LeClerc Loose Powder: Glow, but don’t shine



Just now, make-up is all about giving skin a fabulous glow, but for people like me, glow is a dangerous concept, make-up wise. It’s perilously close to shine, which equates to too much oil in the skin, which is never a good look. 

It’s a particular anxiety for those of us who came of age in the Eighties, when we thought the best thing to do with make-up was to put on lots of foundation and then powder it right down, just to make sure of a smooth matte finish – and if any oil did come seeping through as the day or night wore on, we’d just powder it down some more. 
(And it’s Sod’s Law that these days, now glow is required, my skin is getting drier and less glowy by the year, though it still manages to be oily in the T-zone). 
But this is a long-winded way of getting round to saying that even now, I’m never really confident that my make-up is going to last unless I’ve given it a light dusting of powder, particularly across my forehead and down my nose. It calls for a particular sort of powder, too. It needs to be finely milled loose powder (pressed powder is fine for when you’re out an about, but I prefer loose) which will cling to skin without obscuring its texture or going into lumps, and preferably something that will give skin a visual boost at the same time. 
This one by T Leclerc may look an unlikely colour – it’s called banane – but the yellow gives skin a lovely but subtle illumination. So you get glow, but without any risk of an oil slick.
It costs £36, either on TLeClerc.uk, or on www.marksandspencer.com