Hair heaven

What is it and what’s the USP?  It’s a super cool US salon brand of haircare that has just hit the UK. Founded by US hair guru Philip Pelusi, who believes that  beauty and health are synonymous – you can’t have one without the other. As such he uses 100% organic ingredients in all the products and they are, of course, free from parabens, SLS, detergents etc.  An eclectic range of ingredients including Reishi mushroom, pomegranate, tomato, sea buckthorn and oolong tea are blended together to ward off the effects and free radicals and UV rays and help maintain colour, repair damage and restore your locks to their natural loveliness. 


 Hero product? Healer Moisturising Styling Treatment (£28,, described as ‘rehab’ for your hair and contains organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice and organic rice bran to super-moisturise and feed the hair and Vitamin E to fight free radicals that weaken and erode hair strands and cause colour to fade.


How new is it? It launched in 2013. 

I’d try…   Colour Guard Shampoo (£25). Loved by top NY colourist James Corbett who says, “from a purely selfish angle, as a colorist, it’s really important that I recommend products that keep my work looking good for the longest… To find an organic shampoo that cleanses without stripping, and moisturises without heavy synthetics that coat the hair shaft causing build up, is a godsend.”