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The Delivery Club: Delivering better skin

By Alice Hart-Davis
1st November 2021

I’ve got some great news for you. Here at The Tweakments Guide we have a very special offer which will not only give your skin some genuine love and care but will help your general health, too. Join our new Delivery Club for a discount on the best supplements – the ones I take myself – for firmer, smoother, better-hydrated skin.

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Each month you’ll receive Altrient Vitamin C, Totally Derma Collagen and OG Omega-3 Plus. These are the supplements I take every day and I love them because all three provide health benefits that go way beyond improving the skin. When you subscribe,  you’ll get a regular monthly supply of these three supplements at a discounted rate – the longer you subscribe the higher the discount (you should take them for at least 3 months to see the effect). As an added bonus, I’ll also include a sample (worth £10-15) of one of my favourite skincare products each month.

Delivery Club Supplements and Discounts

Why these three brands? For each supplement I have selected the brand that is best at actually delivering into the body and which contains other beneficial ingredients. Working together to boost the production of collagen and elastin, and enhancing hydration, all of them also deliver health benefits well beyond the skin.

Let’s start with Altrient C. This is a liposomal vitamin c, a high strength vitamin c supplement. Altrient has patented a way to wrap it the vitamin C in liposomes so it isn’t shredded by stomach acids but makes it to the gut where up to 98% is absorbed. That’s compared to 10-20%  absorption for an average vitamin c supplement so that is a significant difference. It’s great for all skin types, it makes the skin much firmer and because it’s vitamin C, it supports the immune system, too.

I trialled this for The Times in 2018 with very impressive results—I saw a 22.8% improvement in the collagen levels, 30.2% in hydration and 64.3% in skin elasticity — so I haven’t dared stop taking it!

Why is Totally Derma good for you? The Delivery Club

This is Totally Derma, it’s a collagen boosting supplement and this will improve the skin as well as the joints. You mix it into a drink with water and it’s very easily absorbed into the body via the gut. In addition to a therapeutic dose of a clinically proven and patented hyaluronic acid complex, it also contains a patented bovine collagen, which is closer, biochemically, to human collagen than the marine collagen used by most competitors.

It is supported by 2 convincing clinical studies showing that the key ingredients are well absorbed and that it reduces wrinkling, improves skin firmness, smoothness and hydration. It’s also great for hair, nails, joints and for mucus membrane hydration which is a plus for menopausal ladies.

And finally, there is the OG Omega-3 Plus which has wide-ranging health benefits and also improve and protect the skin. These are soft gel capsules, containing super strength, sustainable fish oil. There is a bit of virgin olive oil in there so it doesn’t oxidise, and also a recommended daily dose of vitamin D. They don’t taste fishy, either (it’s always the first thing people ask). Each daily dose gives you 1,000mg of omega-3 fatty acids including twice the DHA of most formulations, plus EPA and DPA.

This was a brand that was formulated by scientists who were researching heart health. Other health benefits of taking plenty of omega-3s are that they help joint mobility, eyesight and supports your mental health.

And why is this called the Delivery Club? Because these products deliver their ingredients particularly effectively right into your body, and of course we deliver them right to your front door.

Prices – the supplements cost £190 a month; subscribe for three months and that becomes £170 a month; subscribe for six months and it’s £161 a month.

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