Smooth operator: the Micro Pedi

What is it?  A scary-looking gadget that hopes to revolution-ise the way we look after our feet. Or at least the way we choose to beautify them.

What’s the USP? A battery-operated pedicure device with a micro-mineral roller that spins 30 times a second to gradually whittle dead skin painlessly from your soles and heels. 

Hero product? This is it – and you can find it at Boots for £39.99 — and there already a few add-ons in the form of a  manicure kit, and a special foot cream. 


How new is it? Launched earlier this summer.   

I’d try it..If you’re good at looking after your feet and want an alternative to rasping away at patches of hard skin with a foot-file. It certainly makes the job effortless and the spinning roller smoothes skin away gradually so you don’t need to panic that you’re suddenly going to be left with a raw heel, and gives a very nice result.