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Figure Magician: Louise Parker shows how it's done

Earlier this week I went for a coffee and catch-up with the brilliant Louise Parker, who is an expert in the body-transformation business and is otherwise known as Instagram’s ‘Figure Magician’. And while gassing about work/ the weather/ our children/ the holidays we fell to discussing bottom-shaping; I know that lunges and squats are key for getting the backside into shape but what, I asked, can be done for that tricky floppy bit where the bottom of the bottom joins the top of the thighs? 

The answer is, a very particular movement which Louise is demonstrating in the pic above (yes, that’s her, aged 40, after three children. Inspiring, non?). She describes it as follows:

‘Using a barre or chair stand tall. Bend your working leg slightly and turning your glute on, lift your leg up and behind until you really feel the muscle activated. Keep your core strong and lean forward if you feel it in your back. Release and repeat or pulse until you feel you can’t do another rep. Repeat on the other side and repeat again. As your balance improves you can do this whilst brushing your teeth.’

Just to make sure I’d got the gist, she sprang up from the table to show me, and made me do it alongside her until I’d grasped it (tip: stick a finger under the crease of your backside as you start, so that you feel the muscle that you’re trying to work. You’ll feel it activate as you move your leg across and up. And the movement is more across than up.)

Yes, we may have looked ridiculous, but the waiters in Colbert are so well-mannered they didn’t bat an eyelid.