The Pre-Tweakment Checklist

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You’ve decided you want to have a tweakment.

So, how do you choose a practitioner?

The first thing to check is that are medically qualified, that they have trained as a doctor, a nurse or a dentist. That means that they will have some letters after their name, they will belong to an organisation that will keep them accountable, be it the GMC, the NMC, or the GDC. 

Secondly, they need training in specific aesthetic techniques, such as injecting toxins or fillers, and they need to have plenty of experience at using these techniques. They need to have put these techniques into action, because everybody gets better with experience.

Next, they really need to know how to manage complications. Because as well as knowing how to get treatments right, they need to know what to do if something goes wrong with a treatment. They need to be able recognise if and when something has gone wrong, and know how to handle it.  

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This is less important for some tweakments than for others, but for fillers it is absolutely crucial. If something were to go wrong, your practitioner needs to have the skill and experience to be able to fix it, and you need to ask them whether they can manage that. Just in case.

Also, ideally, on top of all that, they need to have an artistic eye. They need to be able to not just do a technically great treatment, but to give you a result that looks lovely. So, ask what their work look likes, ask to see examples.

And if you can tick all those boxes, then you should be in very good hands.