The rise of the cookie-cutter beauty look #LoveIsland

It does bother me that tweakments are becoming so normalised among  youngsters, by which I mean the kids in their 20s. On TV shows like Love Island you have all those girls talking quite freely about what they’d had done in a way that people wouldn’t have done 10 years ago.

What do you mean by ‘cookie-cutter beauty’?

Cookie-cutter beauty look is when everybody starts to look the same. 

But, why don’t you like it?

They look great, but I don’t really feel they need to do that. They’ve all got their lips plumped up in a slightly unrealistic way. The cheekbones are lifted and smoother, so you’ve got that contouring effect going on and the brows are a bit too bright.

It’s good that people are finally talking about it, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s good that they talk about it more openly. I absolutely commend that and I would love to open up the conversation around injectables more. There is so much fear, shame and judgement around it, particularly among the middle-aged who feel it’s wrong.