The Ultimate Pore-Cleanser Treatment – which includes Botox

If I look a bit green and slimy… well, that’s because of the kiwi and salicylic acid mask that is being painted on my face. This is the start of ‘Pore Patrol’ – what you might call the ultimate pore-cleansing treatment which is on offer at Dr Joney de Souza’s clinic in Marylebone. 

I’ve written this up in more detail for the Mail link here and there’s a video below showing the steps of the treatment below but here’s the answer to the question you’re almost certainly pondering – where on earth does Botox fit in with a pore-cleansing strategy? 

How does Botox help the pores? 

Well, normally, as I’m sure you know, Botox in injected into the muscles to reduce their ability to contract, to soften facial expressions. But it can also be injected very superficially, just beneath the skin, which is how it is used when treating excessive sweating (I’ve got a post and video about this coming up shortly). And it turns out that these superficial injections of Botox somehow reduce the oiliness of the skin. I say ‘somehow’ because, although this phenomenon has been observed, and shown to be a thing by clinical studies, scientists haven’t yet quite worked out exactly how it happens. But it clearly does. 

Did it work for me?

Yes, amazingly well. Before we got to the Botox, there was a whole hour of deep-cleansing of the skin and collagen-strengthening radiofrequency and IPl treatment – my pores have never looked so good, by which I mean they were almost invisible, they were so clean. And once the Botox kicked in, my nose has been much less greasy, too, so I know it’s working. All the details about what else this £300 treatment entails on the story on the link. I’d better do another post another time about how best to manage your pores at home, hadn’t I?