The White Company/ Deciem skincare

 The White Company's new skincare line-up: fast-track products for great skin The White Company’s new skincare line-up: fast-track products for great skin

I have to admit, when I heard that The White Company – so well known for its stylish bedlinen, homewares etc – was launching a skincare range, I was a bit confused. Not that there’s any reason why the company wouldn’t want to move into skincare when they already have a bath and body care range, but rather than putting out some bog-standard but perfectly acceptable products which is what many in her position might have been tempted to do, Chrissie Rucker, who founded and still runs the company, had gone into partnership with Brandon Truaxe, the firecracker founder of Deciem, which styles itself ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’ and has created such fab brands as Niod, Hand Chemistry and The Ordinary. 

So there was no way that these were going to be run-of-the-mill products. They may look simple and elegant, in line with The White Company’s design ethos, and there aren’t many of them. but there’s plenty going on inside those bottles and tubes thanks to Deciem’s innovative chemists.  

 There are just five products in The White Company facial skincare range - these plus the eye cream  There are just five products in The White Company facial skincare range – these plus the eye cream 

What are the products like? 

The Cleansing Balm – a thick lotion that turns to an oil on the skin, so you can massage it around really easily and it does a great job of removing make-up. Add water and it turns to a milky emulsion that you can wipe away with a flannel or muslin, though I find even with just water, it rinses away very cleanly and leaves the skin feeling great/ not dry. 

The Super-Serum – star product, this, and its main aim is to reduce the damage that the environment does to your skin’s stem cells (so that they last longer and get on with their job of keeping the skin in good nick); it has antioxidants, marine extracts and skin-plumping sodium hyaluronate in a formulation that sinks easily into the skin and leaves it feeling well-nourished and with a slight sheen of radiance

The eye cream – lovely and light. I’m not a great one for eye cream but having heard Brandon explain how this a) helps protect the elastin, which gives skin its stretchiness, in the skin and (b) delivers continual hydration to the skin for hours, I’m more than prepared to use it.

The moisturiser – lovely. Again it’s light, but has masses of hyaluronic acid and some strategic light oils to keep skin feeling moisturised and it dries down to a nice velvety finish so it’s a good base for make-up, though I always go and put sunscreen on top of it during the day, just because. 

 Helping to detox the skin overnight: The White Company Night Oil Helping to detox the skin overnight: The White Company Night Oil

The night oil  – again, a bit of a star product. It’s not an oily oil, if that makes sense, and its ingredients all help make skin firmer and smoother. What’s even cleverer is the new cosmetic  technology in it that helps ‘detox’ the skin by getting rid of the by-products of skin metabolism that build up during the day. 


So in summary…

So if you’re wondering if you really want to be buying your skincare from a homewares shop and whether this range is, as it styles itself, ‘advanced’ skincare, the answer is: yes absolutely. If you are a highly skin-literate sort who likes to layer multiple serums or who has a specific skin issue (say, pigmentation) to tackle, this range won’t be your first choice. But if you are after general-purpose products that will genuinely improve the health of your skin, these are all fab. Particularly with prices between £20 and £40. 

At the launch, Chrissie said that she had secretly always wanted to do skincare, but because she came from that world (she used to be a beauty editor), she hadn’t had the confidence to do it until she met Brandon. And when the products were at the trial stage, she knew they were onto a good thing when so many of her testers started asking for more products, because they were seeing such great results. That’s a pretty good recommendation, too.  

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