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This tweakment is the best value for money

By Georgia Seago
18th April 2023

We think it’s really important to be transparent about tweakments and skincare, which is why we’ll always tell you what things cost – or at least how much you can reasonably expect to pay, as prices differ among practitioners.

So, we wanted to find out what you, our tweakments-conscious and clued-up readers, consider to be the best-value-for-money aesthetic treatments and those that have impressed you enough to become a regular part of your maintenance regime. Equally, which tweakments have some of you tried and found to not be worth the money? And why aren’t you keen to repeat them?

To find out this and more we conducted a survey of 964 of you which included questions on past and planned future tweakments, spending and perceived value, and key concerns, practitioner selection, and tweakments research. Thanks so much to everyone who gave us their views. We’ll gradually be sharing our breakdown of the most interesting findings from the survey, but to kick off, which tweakment did the biggest number of you say is the best value for money?

Toxin reigns supreme…

It’s fair to say that wrinkle-relaxing injections are your favourite tweakment. Not just because it’s significantly the most popular – with 67% of you having tried it and 70% of you planning to either repeat the treatment or try it for the first time in the near future – but also because it’s the tweakment that an overwhelming majority of you consider the best value for money.

Starting at around £200 for one area, wrinkle-relaxing injections are at the lower end of the tweakment price ladder, and people find results regularly last up to six months, which really isn’t bad going for what you pay.

This is probably also because toxin does a reliable job. There isn’t an aesthetic practitioner around who wouldn’t attest to toxin’s effectiveness and the predictability of the results it achieves – you can basically guarantee that when the correct dosage is properly placed, the treatment area will be left smoothed and relaxed.

… for good reason

This isn’t to say there’s no skill involved in administering wrinkle-relaxing injections – of course, there is, and it’s a prescription-only medicine so only medical professionals can even get their hands on it – but its mechanism of action is so well researched and understood that toxin is far less likely to misbehave or give an unexpected result than other tweakments.

It’s also super quick and practically painless to have done because the needles used are so fine, so those with a lower pain tolerance or needle phobia aren’t completely put off. And then there’s toxin’s versatility – it can be used to treat a myriad of common aesthetic concerns from the obvious – frown lines and crow’s feet wrinkles – to the less obvious – to correct a gummy smile or slim down a chunky-looking jaw.

All in all, we’re not surprised that so many of you love toxin – it’s the tweakment that started it all.




The Tweakments Guide Takeaway

So toxin is the best value-for-money tweakments - but which is the area you want to tweak the most? Keep your eyes on The Guide for more findings from our exclusive reader survey coming up, including the tweakment we think is going to grow hugely in popularity, and the biggest barrier that stops people trying aesthetic treatments.

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