'Tomboy Chic': Tory Burch Beauty

What is it?   The first fragrance and beauty collection from the fabulous Tory Burch. 

What’s the USP? ‘Tomboy chic’; by her own admission, Tory is something of a tomboy so this is very much a pared-down, fuss-free collection. One eau de parfum, albeit with attendant body-creme, body lotion, shower gel, solid perfume pendant and candle; one lipstick, one blusher and one lip-and-cheek tint, and that’s it.   



Pas du Tout lipstick: Tory Burch Beauty

Hero product? For me, it’s the lipstick (£22). I love the elaborate but lightweight fretwork casing, and the colour is masterly — surely the most barely there lip colour ever found in lipstick form, with pinky rather than beige undertones. (I did wonder whether it was a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but it looks and feels like a very grown-up lipstick. So, the perfect real lipstick for someone who’d rather not wear the stuff, and wants to keep things chic and minimal. The fragrance is lovely, too; undertones of vetiver overlaid with citrus notes and not too many florals (from £42). 


How new is it? Launching today at Harrods  

I’d try… The lip-and-cheek tint (£27.50) which is called Cat’s Meow (no, me neither; I’m guessing the colour of a cat’s mouth when it mews?), which is very user-friendly.