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TOTW Ep 10: CACI, the muscle-stimulating facial

22nd November 2019

TOTW CACI still pic

Is there a way to stop the face from sagging which is totally non-invasive yet gives an impressive result?

For this week’s Tweak of the Week, I take a closer look at CACI, the well-known and much-loved treatment that tones facial muscles with electrical pulses.

But how does a facial that uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles in the face actually work? What does it feel like, and what are the results?

To find out, I went to see Frankie Kenny, the UK’s leading CACI practitioner.

This video is sponsored by Frankie Kenny. 

Here is the video but if you would prefer to read a transcript, there is one below.



AHD: Frankie, could you explain for people who don’t know about this system, what exactly is CACI?

FK: It is a non-surgical treatment and it stimulates the muscles, so basically it is re-educating the muscles that over the years have just lost elasticity, it’s a tiny micro-current that’s working with your own muscle, so it’s giving it a little shock…

AHD: So, we have a natural electrical pulse in our faces.

FK: And its picking up on the bio-electricity in your own body.

AHD: A lot of people think that if you are sticking electricity onto the face it’s like some kind of cartoon shock – but in fact it’s helping a communication channel that’s there already.

FK: Yes absolutely, and it is completely safe, it’s non-surgical and non-invasive.

AHD: And what can it do?

FK: It lifts, tones, rehydrates, it’s got the LED light which will help improve the appearance of the skin, and the skin quality

AHD: And do you see a difference after one session or is it better to do a course?

FK: Ideally if you want to improve your face, whether it’s your jowl area, the volume of your face, yes, it’s advisable to do a course – but with a one-off treatment you definitely see a result, too.


The Procedure:

FK: Anyone can use the machine, but what makes the difference is how the treatment is carried out, and it’s really important to ensure your holding the muscle in place for 4-6 seconds. We’ll start with the jowl lift and we’ll just give you a slight pinch.

AHD: So, these seem like pretty serious bits of equipment – they’ve got four prongs on each –

FK: Yes, they’re called the quad probes, designed to really give the jowl a lift.

AHD: So you’re running it along the muscle then holding it at the end?

FK: Yes, and we’re holding it for about 4-8 seconds

AHD: I can feel, pretty well nothing so there’s no sharp tingling or anything.

FK: So now we’re lifting the muscle with the bottom probe, and were positioning the top probe just to hold the muscle – its re-educating the muscle to lift, to shorten and lengthen at the same time, really There’s a lot that can be achieved within this facial that will give you the lift, the plumpness, the brightness, the tone…

AHD: And a really natural-looking result as well

FK: We’re now going to do some jabbing – what that will do is help the muscle to stay up, and stay awake – so its re-education – so we’re going to do a bit of pinching and jabbing for about 30 seconds without breaking.

AHD:  (looking in the mirror) What I’m seeing is this side has moved up, and is holding firmly, whereas here is all just smooth, so will we see that on this side as well.

FK: And that’s only from the jowl treatment, we haven’t done the whole face yet!

FK: And now we’re stretching the muscle.

AHD: So why are you stretching the muscle, is that so it learns to go both ways? Are there any contraindications for treatment? Any kind of people who shouldn’t be trying it –

FK: Well, pregnancy, cancer, pacemakers, people who’ve had toxins within three months shouldn’t have the treatment,  you shouldn’t do it for two weeks after fillers, nor if you have high blood pressure.

AHD: Now this feels like I’m getting the equivalent of a brow lift, is this roughly what you’re doing?

FK: Yes, just opens up the eyes, because again the muscles, the eyes, everything becomes lazy when we age, and this is one of the best anti-ageing treatments, really, that is non-invasive. After this I’ll move on to the wrinkle comb, which is like a derma filler without the needle, so it helps the plump up any of the deep lines

AHD: And how’s it doing that, you’ve got a serum on here, is it pushing the serum in?

FK: Yes, and the current will help with the plumping and tightening

AHD: So you’re only using it very lightly?

FK: Yes, so were just going to hold it for about 4-6 seconds

AHD: I thought when you said wrinkle comb, I thought it would be scraping the wrinkles away!

FK: The next part is going back to the handheld piece to work on the circulation, so we’re going to do some gliding and plumping movements, going up and out,

AHD: And now this is the feathering technique, which is pushing the serum into the skin?

FK: Correct – then if you use these two prong probes – you can target certain areas that need more hydration, plumpness, this is really good for anti-ageing the skin, so it really helps to minimise any fine lines on the surface of the skin.

AHD: I can see this side is looking as if it belongs up here, which is fantastic, in a whole new position.

Frankie, that was an absolute revelation, I mean, I know you do great work, but I had no idea you could make quite this much difference, propping up this lazy side of my face. But you don’t look surprised when I say that, is this what you manage to do the whole time?

FK: Yes, but also it’s the machine and it’s how you work with the machine.

AHD: And because the treatment has boosted the circulation and livened up the muscles, I can feel from the inside, if I put my tongue inside my mouth, that the muscles are that much tauter. It has done all that, and this result should last for four or five days.

FK: A course of ten to fifteen sessions would be advisable if you want the best results, but again everyone is different.

Caci treatment, £200

For more information about Frankie Kenny and her work, see her website, www.fklondon.com 


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