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TOTW- the ‘happy chair’ that builds your pelvic floor

18th October 2019

Emsella chair AHD

This week’s Tweak of the Week is something rather different. It’s not a face treatment, in fact it’s not a beautifying aesthetic treatment at all, but something more fundamental. The Emsella chair uses the latest technology – high intensity focussed



the latest technology – high intensity focussed electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM – to build up strength in the muscles in the pelvic floor. 

The pelvic floor – the hammock of muscles that hangs under our bottoms from the pubic bone to the backside, is an area that most of us women neglect, with dire consequences.

One in three women in the UK suffer with stress incontinence — that’s when you leak a bit of urine when you cough, or jump, or laugh. We seem to think that this is a normal consequence of childbirth, or just of ageing – which it is, but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t help that we don’t tend to talk about this, and if we have a problem with stress incontinence, shame keeps us quiet.
Just sitting on this chair will tighten and tone the muscles that you need to use to prevent this ‘leakage’ – and the success rate is 95 per cent.
What’s it like to use? What does it feel like? And why is it known as ’the happy chair’? Watch the video and you’ll find out.
I tried the treatment at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge, with Dr Galyna Selezneva, and I’ve added in parts of my chat with her in the post, below.



I tried the treatment at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge, with Dr Galyna Selezneva, and I’ve added in parts of my chat with her in the post, below.

GS:This is definitely a game changer In the aesthetic industry at the moment – the technology is magnetic energy – high-intensity focused magnetic energy that focuses on the muscle contraction – whether you want to talk about it or not, the pelvic floor is super important for us girls.

AHD: Also because the older we get the greater the incidence of stress incontinence becomes – yet this is something women just don’t talk about.

GS: It’s usually called ‘a bit of leakage’ or ‘losing a bit of wee’ and this can start happening for younger women in their twenties and thirties, they find that they can lose a little bit of wee when they laugh, cough or exercise. My youngest patient was 21. So young!

AHD: We are all meant to do to Kegel exercises for holding and relaxing the pelvic floor, aren’t we? But people just don’t do them, do they?

Dr Galyna Emsella chair

GS: Well they start, and for the first minute, you are very good – then your mind wanders…

AHD: So the Emsella chair is going to do all the work for you?’

GS: Regardless of your effort, you just have to sit – that all you do.

AHD: And just how many contractions does this machine make your muscles do in half an hour?

GS: So, the statistical studies show that the effort is equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises,

AHD: 11,000 in half an hour? Wow!

GS: for me it’s magical.

AHD: And  this chair has a bit of a reputation. It’s called ‘the Happy Chair’, isn’t it? I’ve heard that you have some patients who get very noisy when they are sitting on it?

AHD on Emsella chair Dr GalynaGS: Well, on one or two occasions our manager has had to come in to politely ask the women using it to slightly keep their voices down. Because it does have that effect on some people.

AHD: I’m can’t say I’m finding it pleasurable – the sensation is more electrical and sparky than enjoyable – but I can feel that it has got all the muscles in my undercarriage working. It’s a really weird sensation.

GS: Yes, it is bizarre, but you get used to it, and when you do a course of treatment, maybe six treatments over three weeks, there is a 95 per cent satisfaction rate with it, it works miracles.


This video is sponsored by the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

Dr Rita Rakus is the global ambassador for BTL Aesthetics, the makers of the Emsella chair. 

A course of treatment on the Emsella chair costs £2,000




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