TTG x Healthista: Kambiz Golchin and The Knightsbridge Lift

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In this video I made for Healthista, I’m talking to Kambiz Golchin, a brilliant surgeon and aesthetic practitioner who works in Dublin and London. Here, I’m asking him about fillers should be used to get the best result in the face. Dr Golchin has a innovative approach called the “Knightsbridge Lift” which he explains here – you can watch the video, below, or read the transcript of our interview.   


AHD: Dr Golchin, can you tell us what the ‘Knightsbridge Lift’ is? 

Dr Kambiz Golchin: Of course, the “Knightsbridge Lift” really is a concept. It came about from practicing in Knightsbridge, in central London. What I noticed was that we had a lot of international patients from all over the world, but regardless of their age, their ethnicity and where they are in the ageing process, I noticed that everyone was being given the same treatment when it came to fillers. Everyone is getting exactly the same treatment plan with fillers being placed in the central part of the face, which is the tear trough beneath the eyes, in the mid-face, the cheeks and lips, by different practitioners and ending up looking almost exactly the same. 

AHD: Ok, so how do you go go about counteracting that? 

KG: Well, if you think about a perfect picture you still need to put a frame around it, and that is what I try to do with the “Knightsbridge Lift”. By looking at the peripheries of the face and making sure that that’s part of the treatment plan, it ensures that you don’t have an over-emphasised central part of the face which is that overfilled look that nobody likes. 

AHD: Where do you inject for this? Is it the temples? The jawline?

KG: This would depend on the individual patient but it would include the temples, the area in front of the ear, which is the pre-auricular area, and also the jawline. 


AHD: OK and that way you can achieve a nice balance in the face?

KG: You can. You can get a much more harmonious way of actually creating that lifting effect without having too much filler. 

AHD: Is there any downtime with this procedure?

KG: Absolutely none, you can get this procedure done and go about your normal activities with some restrictions for that particular day.