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Tweak of the Week: Facial Sculpting with Teoxane

19th March 2020

Why are more midlife men are turning to injectable fillers? If you ask Dr Benji Dhillon of the Define Clinic it is because they are realising just what impressive and natural-looking results you can get. The rise in male tweakments is definitely a thing – you may have seen some of the articles I’ve written in the national press about it over the years. As Dr Benji explains, it’s all about enhancing the masculine qualities of the face, which means a strong, well-balanced chin and a clean jawline.

This week’s Tweak of the Week shows Dr Benji using two different types of Teoxane fillers on Paul, who is in his late 40s. Paul works long hours and also does a good deal of cycling, and was starting to lose volume from his face.

Watch the video, and you’ll see how Dr Benji’s work strengthens Paul’s jawline, and subtly adjusts the balance of his cheekbones.

This video is sponsored by Teoxane.


Alice Hart-Davis: My name is Alice Hart-Davis and this week I’ve come to the Define Clinic in Beaconsfield to meet Dr Benji Dhillon. He is going to be demonstrating facial sculpting on a male patient using Teoxane fillers, so come on in and we’ll find out what that’s all about.

So Benji, today you’re going to be treating a male patient, are you seeing more men in your practice these days?

Dr Benji Dhillon: Absolutely we’re definitely seeing a year on year increase in men coming into the practice and I think that’s probably true in most practices. Particularly where we are were seeing more men in the 40-55 age group  coming in, just for little tweaks to keep them looking fresh.

AHD: And what you’re going to be doing today is face sculpting with a bit of jaw work as well?

Dr BD: Absolutely, I call it masculinisation. With women we often feminise, trying to restore and maintain female features. For men we enhance their masculine features. The eyebrow has to be lower, flatter than a female’s brow, the cheeks are going to be fuller on the outer aspects, so think of David Gandy projected cheekbones. Men should have a flat front of the cheek whereas women have a full front of cheek, and then the jawline should be well defined, very much in line with the cheekbones and then the chin should be prominent. We want a nice wide chin, as wide as the mouth in a male face, very different to a female face, which is a lot narrower.

AHD: So, the products you’re going to be using, you’re using a brand called Teoxane which has FDA accredited fillers in its range. And within the Teoxane range, you’re going to be using a couple of particular products aren’t you, there’s RHA4…

Dr BD: I’ve been using Teoxane for a few years now and it’s something I exclusively use. These are phenomenal products based on great technology. It’s a Swiss based brand, with a lot of research behind it, there are two different sides to the brand. One is the resilient hyaluronic acid range, the RHA range. Because most dermal fillers are what we call monophasic, they are usually, mainly, a shorter chain of hyaluronic acid molecules and as a result they require a lot more cross-linking [to make the hyaluronic acid gel longer-lasting]. Teoxane actually uses a longer chain of hyaluronic acid, which is more similar to our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, so as a result these very clever scientists over in Geneva, they have managed to use less BDDE [the cross-linking agent]. So, there’s less cross linking, which means that the gel is more dynamic, so it can move a lot more like our natural hyaluronic acid does.

AHD: And are you also using another filler called Ultra Deep?

Dr BD: Yeah, so, Ultra Deep is a little bit different, it is a different type of technology and we use it a little bit deeper within the face and this is for pure structure and definition and so we use it to really project, and in a male face is fantastic for adding those angles that we want to achieve.

AHD: Okay and Ultra Deep, is that a stiffer type of gel to achieve that structural projection?

Dr BD: Exactly, it’s more cohesive, it’s stiffer and the benefits also last a little bit longer but yeah, we use it on a deeper level to really give us that “oomph” that we’re trying to achieve.

AHD: Okay sounds like a really good combination, right let’s go and meet your patient.

Meet the Patient

AHD: Paul, you’re the patient today  – what has made you curious to try fillers in your face?

Paul: Basically I’m now 48, and I do work many hours and I’m also a cyclist so there’s a lot of training and I’m outside a lot. I’ve noticed, as I’ve got older and all these factors come into place, my face is starting to drop and probably look more tired than what I am so I felt I might try fillers to try and lift me up a bit.

AHD: Sure, are you hoping for a bit of restructuring and a fresher look?

Paul: Restructuring and just a fresher look.

AHD: So, you’re ready for all this?

Paul: I certainly am.

Dr Benji Dhillon: So, we will start firstly from the cheeks to create that re-masculinisation. What Paul has experienced is that he’s a fit healthy man, which is very common for mosts men, you know they’re cyclists, stay active and he’s got a little bit of volume loss on the front of his cheek so we’re going to try and re-add some of this volume back to his cheeks on the outer part. So we’re going to draw a line from his outer eye down to the top of his ear. Then a line from the corner of his mouth up to the bottom and then a line from his outer eyes connecting the two. So this is a triangle in which we want to define the cheek and move along what we call the cheek bone.

The reason I’m using a cannula on Paul is because I really want to create definition rather than truly create lift, and if we want to create nice edges and lines of definition, which we do in Paul, in a male face, the important thing is treating a face with respect and that means just using filler in little amounts. We’re not trying to change someone we’re just trying to redefine them slightly.

Compared to other products I’ve historically used, I’ve found you need to use less of this one to get more of a result.

So, we’re going to work out right to the back of the jaw line which is here. We’re going to stay clear of this area and then we’re going to go down here to strengthen down here. Now we’re going to use RHA4 Dynamic, it retains its strength but also moves with the face really beautifully, because of the technology of the type of filler which is really different to anything else out there. It’s very easy to massage in which I think is one of the most important parts of doing these types of tweakments and as a result you want a product that you can massage in. And it has loads of nice ingredients, soothes the skin and reduces the risk of bruising.

AHD: You can feel where the filler is and-

Dr BD: Yeah, I need to move it into the right lines or vectors and right compartments where I really want it to sit. So, I always tell everyone that they will feel it for three weeks, there won’t be visible lumps or bumps and really after three weeks it should settle in.

What I’ve done is just redefinition of the cheekbone, just replacing the little bit of volume loss in his cheek. Just to take away that hollowing, without making it too full that we feminise his face, and then along the jaw line using some RHA4, just with a cannula, just to layer along the jawline itself, and creating a nice. defined kind of contoured looked to his jawline.


Dr BD: So, what I like to tell everyone to do after fillers is to not apply any kind of creams or lotions to the face, or in women’s case makeup for at least 12 hours after and keep the skin nice and clean as possible. I also warn against massaging, people may feel like they have to massage the product in like I did and I want them to avoid that, just leave that to whoever has done it. I would advise against shaving on the same day as treatment, but for example in Paul’s case, tomorrow morning, it’s past 12 hours so he’ll be fine to go on shaving, again these treatments shouldn’t interfere with your normal day to day life and should fit into your lifestyle. The other thing advised is no exercise for 12 hours, nothing that’s going to raise your heart rate because what that does, it causes blood to rush to the face and increases the risk of a bruise, we need 12 hours and after that they can go back to everyday life.

The Results 

Paul: Oh wow.

AHD: Do you see the change?

Paul: Do you know, here I can just see, it’s just lifted this part, around the eye, just makes it look fresher.

Dr BD: And you don’t feel too sore? It wasn’t too uncomfortable?

Paul: To be honest no, it was just the initial shots here, and then the rest maybe I braced myself but it was painful to was just the initial and the rest was fine.

AHD: So, that was so interesting, to see that just a little bit of filler, and that was less than three syringes worth all in, was enough to sculpt Paul’s cheekbones, redefine his jaw and yet it looked totally natural. So it’s enough to make a difference but not enough to look unusual, so really nice result, so that’s this week’s ‘Tweak of the Week’ and I really hope you enjoyed watching.


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