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Tweak of the Week: Improving hydration and remodelling the skin using Profhilo

27th February 2020

Why is Profhilo so popular? As we get older, the skin’s levels of hyaluronic acid start to go down. Hyaluronic acid is one of the things that keep skin looking plumped up and hydrated, so it’s no wonder that injectable moisturisers—which are made up of hyaluronic acid—are only getting more popular. There are a number of brands of injectable moisturiser out there, but Profhilo is the one that has caught people’s imagination. It’s not a filler, it doesn’t add volume to the face, but it improves the skin health and strength. One of its big selling points is that it requires far fewer injections than some other products, which is always attractive if you’re not keen on needles.



Profhilo works from the inside, spreading out through the deeper layers of the skin and encouraging bioremodelling of your collagen and elastin fibres. Along with lower levels of hyaluronic acid, older skin is also characterised by depletion of and abnormalities in collagen and elastin. In this way, Profhilo is designed to improve the levels and quality of the three biological factors that keep your skin looking fresh, plump and youthful.

To find out more about Profhilo and to watch a procedure being performed, I went along to the CosmeSurge clinic where I talked with Dr Pam Benito about injectable moisturisers and joined her for the first of two rounds of treatment on her patient, Jenny. Watch the video to see how it went.

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Alice Hart-Davis: Hi and welcome to this week’s Tweak of the Week. I’m in Harley Street to meet Dr Pam Benito at the CosmeSurge clinic and she’s going to be demonstrating a Profhilo treatment. Now, this is a really popular kind of injectable moisturise treatment which also helps remodel the skin. If you’re wondering what all that means, Dr Pam will explain, so come on inside and we’ll find out.

Meet the Practitioner

AHD: So, Dr Pam, tell me about Profhilo, because it’s one of these treatments that everyone’s interested in and it’s an injectable moisturiser, but it’s not like a filler, is it?

Dr Pam Benito: No, it’s not. You can’t really compare the both, because they are completely different procedures. So it’s not going to replace a dermal filler—but it can actually be used in combination with it, and with toxins as well—and what it is, is an injectable that is going to hydrate the skin and improve the skin tone, texture and give you that glow, that radiance through the skin.

AHD: The injections are done—just a handful either side of the face, aren’t they—then the product spreads out?

PB: Yes, that’s right. So the protocol would be five injection sites on each side of the face then it’s going to spread and cover the whole face, neck, decolletage, depending on what area we’re treating…

AHD: Gosh, so you really can use it everywhere?

PB: You can pretty much use it everywhere—face, neck, decolletage, hands as well, arms, even over the knees that a lot of people get a bit…

AHD: Wrinkly old knees?!

PB: Yes, that’s right!

AHD: That’s fantastic! And the really interesting thing about Profhilo is that it also tightens the skin, doesn’t it?

PB: That’s right, yes. So it helps with the skin laxity, but what they call the ‘bioremodelation’ gets the collagen and elastin fibres more uniform, more even, and therefore it’ll help with the tightening. And also you’ll get a little bit more firmness and improved elasticity of the skin.

AHD: Sounds a very good all-rounder. Okay, let’s go and meet the patient and then see how the treatment goes.

PB: Sure, thank you.

Meet the Patient

AHD: Here is Jenny, who is going to be our patient for this treatment. Now, Jenny, what made you want to try this treatment?

Jenny: Well, I’ve only heard really positive things about it and for someone like me, who’s never had a needle in her face, I felt like it was perhaps a sensible first option.

AHD: It’s a great first step—and what are you hoping for from it?

Jenny: Well, I recently turned 40, I’ve got two young children, I’m generally quite tired, my skin is a bit dull and lacking in radiance, I think, and I’m just really interested to see the results.

AHD: Okay, well, it’s a great treatment for just providing that hydration boost without any volume—so, are you ready for it?

Jenny: I’m ready!

AHD: Okay, let’s go.

The Procedure

PB: It’s one syringe of 2ml and we’re going to do 1ml on each side.

AHD: Profhilo is made from hyaluronic acid, isn’t it?

PB: Yes, that’s right.

PB: [How long it lasts depends on the] patient’s skin quality, as well, lifestyle, etc. etc. If they combine it with a little bit of other tweaks—toxins, a little bit of filler if they need it, chemical peels—then you’ll get a good result for the whole year. It will take about 28 days for the actual Profhilo in this case to biodegrade and then you get the results and it will start hydrating.

AHD: Okay, and then you’re on the second treatment and then you’ve got this really good kick-start to get remodelling.

PB: Yes, so really it’s two months to see the final result.


PB: So, no exercise today—it’s usually 24 hours, from tomorrow is absolutely fine—no sauna or steam rooms for a couple of days, sunbeds or anything where there is heat because it will cause more swelling as well. And make-up: it can wait four to six hours, unless it’s minimal make-up, but if you don’t need to put any, then leave it until tonight. And, like we said, no other treatments for two weeks—so, no toxins, fillers, facials, massage, nothing like that for the two weeks. And then when it comes to cleansing, you can do your normal skin care cleanse gently tonight; no exfoliation or scrubbing, though, either for a few days.

Jenny: What about acid toners or anything, would you…?

PB: I would say, if it’s just in the actual cleanser or tonic, like a glycolic acid, then it’s fine. I would avoid, for example, retinol tonight, but from tomorrow, again, it’s fine. Vitamin C, again, from tomorrow it’s absolutely fine, too. So, it’s just keeping it simple.

The Results

PB: [The swelling at the injection sites is] what we were talking about, but, again, that will go down. By tomorrow it should have settled, but, again, try not to touch too much.

AHD: So, Jenny, what do you think? How do you feel? Was it how you expected?

Jenny: It was less painful…

Jenny: Yes, and the eye ones, slightly more.

AHD: Oh good!

Jenny: Thank you. I did have to slightly concentrate, but I’m sure that you would get used to that. These ones particularly, I could hardly feel—these two here [ on the corner of the jaw, and the upper cheek]

AHD: But honestly, I think by mid-afternoon they’ll be right down.

Jenny: Thank you!

AHD: Okay, well, thank you. So, you’ll need another treatment in four weeks’ time and then we’ll catch up a few weeks after that to see how it’s all settling in.

AHD: So, that was Profhilo, which is really good for giving skin back that glow and radiance and for softening little crepey lines. As you could see, even if you haven’t had a treatment before that involves needles, it’s pretty quick and tolerable. So, that was this week’s Tweak of the Week, thank you very much for watching.





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