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Tweak of the Week: new skinbooster – Belotero Revive

29th July 2021

What’s the latest tweakment to treat the early signs of sun-damaged skin? It’s a new injectable skin booster, BELOTERO® Revive, which is being launched by Merz to improve the skin on the face by rehydrating it, which in turn improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

What this treatment can do is smooth fine lines by reducing skin roughness, and reduce skin redness and roughness, too. It doesn’t add any volume to the face; it achieves these results by hydrating under the skin surface.

Unlike other skin boosters which are only used just below the surface of the skin, BELOTERO® Revive can be injected at multiple levels in the skin, either with a needle or via a cannula.

How does it work? What does treatment feel like, and what can you expect by way of results?

To hear more about it and to try the treatment out for myself, I went to visit Dr Alexis Granite at Skinesis Medical in London. You can watch how it went on the video here.

For more information about Belotero Revive, click here

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Belotero Revive treatment with Dr Alexis Granite at Skinesis Medical

Alice Hart-Davis: This week’s tweak of the week is all about a new skin booster called REVIVE. Now, skin boosters are injectable products – they’re like injectable moisturisers, that’s how I’d describe them. And I’m going to try this treatment out, so I’ve come to Chelsea, to Skinesis Medical, where I’m going to see Dr Alexis Granite who is a consultant dermatologist and who uses this new product, and she’s going to explain to me what it is, why it’s different, and do a treatment on me too, so come with me, and we’ll see what it’s like. 

Alice Hart-Davis receiving the new Bolero Revive skin booster treatment.

I’m here with Dr Alexis Granite to talk about and have a treatment with BELOTERO’s new REVIVE, which is a skin booster. Can you tell me a bit about what this product is and what it does and how it works? 

Dr Alexis Granite: Yeah, so basically this is a skin booster, as you said, which contains hyaluronic acid and actually a little bit of glycerol, and those are basically to improve the skin’s hydration. So skin boosters are great, they use hyaluronic acid similar to what’s in filler, but they’re not filling anything, so they’re really all about the quality of the skin, hydrating the skin, giving the skin a nice glow. 


AHD: Okay. In the face, you can inject this in a number of different places, can’t you, it’s not just confined to the cheeks. 


AG: That’s right, so we can put it pretty much everywhere, and we often use a mixture of injection techniques – sometimes a little bit with a needle, a little bit with a cannula, and so it really kind of gets it to where it needs to go, but it is very versatile in the way that you can use it anywhere on the face.


AHD: Right, because I was wondering about having the barcode lip lines done here, because I know those are really difficult to tackle, aren’t they? 


AG: Yes, they are, so this is great for that. The only downside to injecting there is it just is a little more likely to bruise in that area. 


AHD: That’s fine, yeah. I have all the high-strength concealers. And then, once it’s in the skin, how long does it stay in the skin as a product, and how long does it take to see results? 


AG: Yeah, so usually you start to see results within the firstone to two weeks, you’ll get a really nice boost of hydration, a nice glow.


AHD: Okay. 


AG: And then the product lasts kind of up to six months, so depending on the state of the skin, you know, at the start, we might recommend a course of treatments, so it may be that we do one or two syringes in one sitting, and then I may have patients follow up a month later and we would do another set of treatments, just to really get that sort of long-term effect. 

AHD: So it’s a really quick effect, isn’t it? Because some skin boosters, you need to wait for seven or eight weeks to start seeing those results – is that something to do with the formulation?


AG: The hyaluronic acid really will pull in the moisture pretty quickly, along with the glycerol, so  you will get some, you know, very short-term improvement, but you are going to get that sort of long-term collagen stimulation over time. 


AHD: Fantastic, so collagen stimulation as a side-effect of the extra hydration? 


AG: That’s right. 


AHD: And so you get not just hydration but tighter and springier skin as well. 


AG: That’s right, exactly, kind of over the long run. 


AHD: Fantastic, which we all need. Now I’ve got an ice pack here because there’s no anaesthetic in the product or put on beforehand, so I’m going to start…


AG: That’s right. I never put cream on anyone [unintelligible] before. 

Alice Hart-Davis receiving the new Bolero Revive skin booster treatment.



AG: Are you okay? 


AHD: That’s fine, yeah. Is this to test…


AG: No, I do a little bit in the forehead, that was really nice with it! 


AHD: Oh wow! 


AG: It’s not too bad, right? 

AHD: No. 

AG: That’s why I never numb anyone. 


AHD: I think we need to… it does sting a fraction more than I might expect. 

AG: Yeah, so that’s what everyone says. And I’m curious what you think when I do the cannula, because I’ve had some feedback that when I put it in with the cannula it does sting a little bit. 




AG: Needle versus cannula. It depends sort of what you’re injecting. But in this case – I’m just going to turn your head a tiny bit – really, it’s about precision, so in certain areas likethe forehead, you know, upper lip, maybe around the eyes, I want to be very precise where I’m putting it, I want to just use very small amounts, whereas in the cheek, I really want to get the most coverage I possibly can and reduce the risk of bruising. So if I were to just inject your cheek all over, obviously there’s just a higher likelihood you may get some bruising there, so a cannula is just a way to increase the spread without having to do a million different injection points.


AHD: Fantastic. Because you can work in a kind of fan pattern, can’t you? 

AG: That’s exactly right. 


AHD: You can reach more areas. And the product itself is very fluid so it will spread around. 


AG: It will disperse, exactly, exactly. 


And how’s the comfort, in terms of the product? 

AHD: Comfort’s fine, I felt a tiny bit of something from – which I presume was the product, but it’s not… it’s not in any way painful. What I’m looking for is a stinging sensation from the product as it settles in, but it’s… I think I’m imagining that, if there is. I’ll say if I’m feeling… 

And with the cannula you’re working just sort of below the…


AG: Just below the surface, yeah. 


AHD: Yeah, yeah. I can feel where you’re leaving it. 


AG: Yeah, it does feel a little stingy? 


AHD: Almost more tingly than stingy? 

AG: Well done. 

How are you doing, okay? 


AHD: Absolutely fine, yeah, thank you. Not even needing this lovely stress ball. 

AG: Good. There we are, i want to do about half on each side. 


AHD: Somebody was telling me-


AG: The left is always worse. Isn’t that amazing?


AHD: The left is always worse! Why is that! Isn’t that so extraordinary? 


AG: It’s something about brain chemistry. Isn’t that amazing? 


AHD: But therefore always better to start on the right, so-

AG: Yeah! So you don’t scare people off. 


AHD: Yes. 

So this is what I look like immediately after the treatment with REVIVE, and you can see the tiniest swellings here and there, but I know those will go down quite quickly – within an hour or so. And then I will sit and wait for results. But even the injections above the lip, you can’t even see them, so this is really a very neat treatment for something that’s going the whole way around the face. So, that was this week’s Tweak of the Week, thank you very much for watching.

Click here for more information about Belotero Revive

 Tweak of the Week: Before and after Belotero Revive.

This post is sponsored by Merz Aesthetics


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