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4th September 2019

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I’m really excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new video series, Tweak of the Week. As you know, part of our mission at The Tweakments Guide is to make sure that you know as much as possible about all the tweakments out there before making any decisions about moving towards treatment. But all the information in the world can’t substitute for the experience of being in a clinic and watching a procedure being done – and that’s where Tweak of the Week comes in.

Meet the practitioners

Each week I’ll be visiting an expert practitioner to take a closer look at a particular tweakment, exploring the products used, how they work and what to expect from the treatment. You’ll gain a unique insight into the clinics and salons (as some of the tweakments I’m going to show will be more like advanced facials than clinical procedures) that offer tweakments. You’ll also get invaluable face-time with the practitioner, where we’ll build an in-depth understanding of each treatment and what it involves. Then comes the main event – you get to watch the procedure being carried out. And if you’re squeamish and don’t want to watch, say, any procedure that involves needles, you can stop the video and read the accompanying blog instead.

Find out what goes on behind closed doors

One of the problems of medical-style procedures is that they take place behind closed doors – so I’ve gone and opened them. We’ll have a wonderful opportunity to ask questions in real-time as the practitioner goes about their work, exploring the nitty-gritty detail of what each step of the process entails and observing the techniques used. Afterwards, you get to see the results and the patient gives feedback on the whole experience.

Meet the patient

Who’s the patient, I hear you ask! As always, I believe there’s no substitute for experience and that the best way I can provide you with accurate, genuine, helpful information is by undergoing these procedures myself. So, most of the time, you’ll be watching me. Having said that, there’s only so much of myself that I want to tweak, and when I’m not a good candidate for the procedure, I will enlist a trusted third-party as the patient, whom I’ll pester with questions about how it feels. (Don’t worry, they have all given full consent beforehand…)

See the results

Then we’ll get to see the results, complete with close-ups of the treated skin and the reactions as people look at themselves in the mirror for the first time after the procedure. (This is probably the bit I love the most – it’s incredible to see what some of these tweakments can achieve in so little time.) We’ll also talk about aftercare so you get a better idea of any lifestyle changes or downtime these treatments might involve, and provide details of what each tweakment costs.

Coming soon in late September

I can promise you that these videos are super-informative and give a uniquely intimate insight into what it’s like to get a procedure done. Over time, I’ll build up a full library of videos so you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these tweakments whenever you want.


Follow me on Instagram @alicehartdavis and subscribe to my channel on YouTube to keep up with these videos as they’re published. I can’t wait for you to join me!


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