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Tweak of the Week: Trying the Environ Essential Youth Reset treatment

13th February 2020

You see facials on offer everywhere, but what about an advanced medical facial that uses high-end skincare and sophisticated technology to drive the active ingredients deep into the skin? In this week’s Tweak of the Week, I went to the Skin Matters clinic in Notting Hill to find out why world-class facialist Joanne Evans is a fan of Environ (a cosmeceutical skincare manufacturer) and their Essential Youth Reset treatment. Watch the video to see for yourself.

The basis of this procedure is an assortment of high-end cosmeceutical skincare that is designed to rejuvenate ageing skin. The key, however, is in the advanced techniques the practitioner uses to deliver those all-important active ingredients deep into the skin. Our skin is very clever at keeping things out—which is a good thing, except when you’re trying to put nutrients back in. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum and is made up of a tight knit of skin cells, all crosslinked together to keep the elements out.

The Essential Youth Reset treatment gets around this by using three methods designed to penetrate this barrier and enable the products to seep down further into the skin:

1. Microneedling — creating tiny holes in the skin through which the products can travel;
2. Ultrasound — an advanced method of disrupting the crosslinked skin cells in the stratum corneum so that it allows molecules through more easily;
3. Low-level currents — by using electrically charged skincare products and then covering them with a mask that emits the same electrical charge, the product is repelled in the opposite direction—deep into the skin.

It’s a clever system that has a noticeable effect. Watch the video if you haven’t already to see this in action.

This video was sponsored by Environ



Hi, my names Alice Hart-Davis and welcome to Tweak of the Week and this week, I’ve come to Notting Hill in West London, to meet Joanne Evans who is a fantastic facialist with loads of A-list clients to experience her Advance Environ Facial. Now, Environ’s a company that does skincare with a lot of focus on vitamin A, lots of very active products, well quite how active and advanced is this facial going to be? Come with me and we’ll see.

You have got the most amazing clientele the most amazing reputation, you could choose any brand you wanted, so why is Environ special for you?

Consistency, it’s consistently improved my client’s skin, its cost effective, it’s easier and I think we are all time efficient now, so to get good results with very little effort to do at home.

They key thing behind this is the power of vitamin A?

Yes, its primary.

Yeah, the vitamin A’s ability to regenerate the skin, smooth the surface.

Everyone needs to be on vitamin A, it does everything.

Any age?

Yeah, anti-ageing, pores, breakout, dryness, it balances everything off. It imprints into our DNA. What we’re missing – it will normalise every skin condition and strengthen – and why would you not want to do that?

So, what is it that you would not want to add? I know you add a lot with your magic hands, and whatever else you might be doing but from your point of view what is it that your adding?

It’s about penetration and stimulation. So, if somebody’s at home doing their good home care, but it’s about what we can get in as deep as we can get in, to activate your own cell structures ago, working with our own natural electrical system to bleed everything down far deeper. So, we’re actually making it go far deeper, 4,500 times deeper into the cell structure. It’s one boosting everything up, and then your maintaining that at home and then we boost it again, and were constantly going up with your level of skin and its rollercoasting up and down and keeps on improving, as we age, and if there’s any other imbalances going on, our coreum layer can get a bit rough and raggedy where we want it nice and smooth and thick and plump.

Okay we’ll work through this and then go downstairs, come along and see how it goes.

So, we start with low doses because we evaporate the vitamin A very quickly with UV, so if we introduce it very gently and in low doses, and we step it up every 6-8 weeks, you shouldn’t get any of the retinol reaction.

So again, it’s making sure it is covering every square inch of the skin evenly but it’s again just resting on and rolling over, on force.

So with a home care needling you should start once a week and build up to five times a week. Five minutes in front of the TV on clean skin and then put your Environ products on top – be careful if there’s any spots, go around them don’t go over them, you can spread the bacteria from the spot and if you are acne and are having breakouts don’t use at all.

I’m going to put loads of lovely peptides on you and this is a peptide advanced elixir for home use, and this is our lovely ultrasound, we go to the forehead, and were going to turn it up, so maybe a bit of flicking, flashing. I’m going to hold for about 20-40 seconds, so what we’re doing is creating that penetration, 4500 times deeper into the cells, it’s like this oscillating current going down and its pulling with it all of those into the cells.

Well I thought by the sound of it, it would be quite uncomfortable but it’s fine actually, it’s a really minor tingling and as facials go, for anyone’s who nervous this is very comfortable.

So, what kind of vitamin gel is this?

So again, it’s a cocktail of vitamins, we’ve got our vitamin A, low does, of vitamin C, anyone quite inflamed eczema, it’s just so calming and soothing. I’m really seeing this help take a lot of inflammation out of the skin. So, it cocoons, all over, it sets, and then we’re going to put a current through that mask as well, going to clip it to the edges, act as a conductor and its completely flowing continuously all over.

So we keep this on for twenty minutes, because it’s a mask yes, but we’re also using the mask to be something active and work for us, so the longer we have that on, the more results we get, as I said its flowing continuously all at one time so feeding in, feeding on the eyelids around the eye, on the lips. So we’re maximising again and penetrating but also increasing the formation of hydration in the skin.

That’s amazing!

And again, you shouldn’t be blotchy or red, and you should be able to go straight out and there’s no problem with the Environ facial.

How beautiful!

So that was the Environ Advanced Facial and wow. I mean, my skin is really glowing even in these lights you can see just how super hydrated and smooth it looks, I don’t want to prod it about too much, it feels really well-nourished and I loved the way after all that cleansing and extractions the mask was using electricity to push all the goodness in that gel into my skin. So, I think I’ll have had a good bunch of stimulating benefits, so all I need to do now is keep it up at home and not let that pollution out there on the streets get too much for my skin. I think this is a lovely result how often would you suggest to have these?

I would say if your skin is really good and you just want a step-up then I’d say every 4 weeks. if there is a specific problem, then once a week for 12, to really get to the problem and sort it, if it’s acne or eczema or dehydration, then we can do an hours treatment once a week and the go down to the maintenance. As I say, when you’re on your home care it will be supercharging what your doing at home then – every 4 weeks is a good time.

So that was this week’s Tweak of the Week thank you very much for watching.




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