Tweakments are not Christmas presents

Screen grab from Alice's Tweakments Are Not A Christmas present video

The Kardashians may be getting tweakment vouchers for Christmas but please, please, stop and think before you ask for anything similar.

Why? Where do I start? Perhaps with the fact that tweakments are medical procedures, not consumer products. They don’t come with a gift receipt. You can’t take them back.

Making tweakments into gifts trivialises them.

And if you’re thinking of giving tweakments for Christmas, hold up right there. If you’re the giver, you’re basically telling your loved ones that they need to change their appearance. That you might value them more highly if they looked better. Really? I do hope not.

That’s a really slippery slope.

Embarking on tweakments is a personal decision, something to be done after a lot of contemplation and research. It is not something to do on a whim, or to ask for as a gift.



Transcript of the video: 

There’s been a really shocking survey I heard about the other day done by a clinic up in Birmingham, and they found that half the people they asked in the 18 to 34 age group would like to have a tweakment as a Christmas present. that really shocked me because I know tweakments are increasingly popular and they are more commonplace than ever…

And that’s probably a good thing, but tweakments are not something to be taken lightly and asking for them as a gift or giving them as a gift really trivialises them. I know that if you’re young and you see that everybody on programmes like Love Island have tweakment,s and you see the Kardashians having procedures, that “drip, drip” effect starts to make you think maybe you need these things too, and you want them.

Obviously I would say, ‘Don’t do it!’ because I think all young people under 30 are fabulous looking anyway, and really you don’t need it. But then, I’m old so I would say that, so maybe this isn’t my thing to judge on. But please take these things seriously, they are not a consumer purchase, they are not something you can take back, they are not something you can change your mind about after they are done.

So, please, don’t ask for tweakments for Christmas presents and don’t give them either. These things are minor medical procedures and they need to be taken seriously.