Verso facial serum

What is it?  Swedish skincare brand based on the well-known anti-ageing ingredient, Retinol.

What’s the USP? Its key ingredient, Retinol 8. Like retinol, this is derived from vitamin A but is eight times more potent. Which makes it sound a bit scary (given the ability of standard-issue retinol to thin and irritate the skin while carrying out its anti-aging magic) until you learn that it is gentle on the skin, too.   


Hero product? The Facial Serum (£95, Selfridges), one of the five key products in the Verso range. Unlike other over-the-counter products derived from vitamin A, which should only be used at night (because retinol is not usually stable in daylight), Verso skincare can be used during the day and there’s even a day-cream with SPF15.


Why the name? Verso is Latin for ‘reverse’, which is what it will do for the signs of ageing in your skin.  

How new is it? Launched in the UK last month.   

I’d try… any of it. It all sounds to good to be true (to get a product of this strength, that’s doesn’t need a prescription, that is going to be gentle on your skin) but it has decent clinical studies to back up its claims.