Super-luxe organics: Vetia Floris

What’s the USP? Luxe organic skincare based on the restorative properties of Alpine flowers.


Hero product? Super Radiance Elixir ($306, Three hundred dollars? I hear you thinking. Is it made of gold? Well, almost. Gold dust to increase skin’s moisture and elasticity is one of the key ingredients along with a high-performing form of hyaluronic acid (Rovisome HA). 


Why the name? It’s an abbreviated reference to Flora Helvetica, which is THE definitive, illustrated reference book to some 3000 plants found in Switzerland — an apt one as all the products contain flower-derived elements.  

How new is it? Launched a couple of years ago, and just now on sale in the UK but only online – and priced in dollars.    

I’d try…? Any of it. All of it. It’s one of those brands that looks, feels and smells distinctively luxurious and because it’s done with meticulous Swiss thoroughness, it delivers in all areas, too. The packaging is gorgeous, the textures are superb, the formulas sink happily into your grateful skin, which perks up on receipt of the beneficial ingredients… Yes, it’s appallingly expensive, but what price luxury, eh?