by Karen Heath


Evoking memories.



Launched in the UK in April this year, Vilhelm Parfumerie is a high-end, luxury, contemporary fragrance house. A truly international effort, it was founded in New York by Jan Ahlgren, bottled in Paris and is available exclusively from Liberty in London.

Born is Sweden to an American mother and Swedish father, Jan left his small town to move to Paris and work as a model, and after having spent a period of time running his own fashion business, he relocated to New York three years ago.

In New York Jan began to design custom leather handbags and wished to permeate the leather with a unique and lasting scent. He sought the help of perfumer Jerome Epinette and with a long held appreciation of the power of scent to capture and convey emotion Jan developed a fascination with the art of perfumery. 

What Jan does is combine modern design with unique artisan fragrances. Each of his scents aim to evoke by-gone memories.
Jan says, “My middle name is Vilhelm. It links with the admiration and love to my paternal grandfather who was quite a guy…. the walking definition of debonair. Witty, wise, impeccably dressed, with charisma that bubbled over into the air of any room he entered. My memory of the custom-blend cologne he always wore gives me tremendous respect of the power of scent to communicate feeling, even through distance and time.”

There are eight scents within the collection including Morning Chess, inspired by Jan’s memories of long Swedish summer holidays shared with his grandfather; Dear Polly, a love letter in scent to his wife and which has a mid note of black tea to reflect her love of her morning brew and Black Citrus which is described as “the clean breath of London after a rain squall”

Find them at Liberty for £140 for 100ml.