Long-lasting: Vinylux

VinyluxGrpBoldWhat is it? An entirely new and innovative range of nail varnish.  

What’s the USP? ‘Weekly varnish’, ie a super-long-lasting formula, that you can paint on at home and be confident that it will last much much longer than usual.  


How? Think of it as a hybrid between gel nails and standard varnish.You apply it, let it dry for eight minutes, and then it’s set, without any lights or special sealants.  And then it lasts and lasts. Even after a week of consistent nail-abuse (washing up, bicycle-maintenance, etc) it was only looking slightly frayed at the ends. You don’t need a base-coat, but you do need acetone (eg their Power Polish Nourishing Remover, which has macadamia oil in it, to stop your nails from feeling stripped) to get it off.


Why the name? To get across all the essential ideas about luxurious colours and a high-shine finish

How new is it? Just launched this month.   

I’d try…? The dark-and-sparkly Night Glimmer, though the bright red – Wildfire – is pretty fab, too £9.95, look on the website for stockists.