What is collagen banking?

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If you’ve heard the phrase ‘collagen banking’, you may be wondering what on earth it means. Can you ‘bank’ your collagen? And how do you grow your supplies? Once we’re over 30, we have to put in a bit of work to stop the levels of collagen – the protein that keeps our skin firm – dwindling as far as nature intends it to. How? Watch the video to find out.


Collagen banking is a phrase I’m hearing a lot just now. It sounds like you’re saving your collagen up for a rainy day  — which unfortunately you can’t do.  If you’re on the mature side, like me,  when you look back at old photographs of yourselves and you’ve got a lovely springy firm face, that’s all the collagen keeping the skin strong and that’s what you want to hang on to.

So, the idea with collagen banking is that you stimulate the collagen that you HAVE got in order to grow some more, so your face will stay firmer for longer.

I find I will just use every means of propping up my collagen supplies that I can, so I use skincare that will boost collagen production, I will also eat collagen supplements, the sort that have proven benefits. And red light therapy! I love red light therapy. I have a home-use LED mask that I use the whole time. Also, whenever I can face it,  I go for more direct forms of stimulating the collagen in my face with tweakments like microneedling.

And when should you start with all this collagen banking?

Once you’re past 30, probably the sooner the better, but it’s never too late – it’s always worth banking that collagen!