What is… Prejuvenation?

Photo of Alice Hart-Davis talking about prejuventation

Today I’m talking about prejuvenation, it’s the idea that if you start doing tweakments early, like in your twenties, and you have a little bit of wrinkle-relaxing toxin to stop the wrinkles setting in, then they won’t really develop so you won’t age as fast as you would normally.

It sounds logical and it has been proven in clinical studies too – so yes, it works, but here’s the thing –  I’m not mad keen on it. Why? Just because if you start thinking you must never have a single wrinkle and it’s a really terrible thing, then that kind of sets up all these phobias, around the whole process of showing any signs of ageing.

So anyone who’s wondering about this – before you rush off for a quick shot of toxin just to make sure that a frown never crosses your brow,  why don’t you first think about trying all the sensible obvious things that can help keep you looking your best? 

What I mean is that you need to keep up, or adopt, a healthy lifestyle, which means eating the right stuff, getting a bit of exercise, and as far as your skin is concerned, using decent, effective skin care. That means – vitamin C serum in the morning — it’s an antioxidant that will help defend the skin against the environment —  and, couple that with a good sunscreen for UV protection, which you need all year round. At night, try a vitamin A product, something with retinol or another type of retinoid in it, or even a prescription retinoid if you want.

That will keep the skin as strong as it can be, it will keep the collagen production absolutely up to the max and it will be regenerating the skin at an optimal level, too. That will slow down the whole ageing process for a start, and then you hardly need to dive in with the needles.

So prejuvenation, it’s there if you want it, and yes, it works. But I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.