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Why I’m trialling the Calecim Advanced Hair System

7th November 2023


Hair loss can be quietly devastating and it affects more women than most of us realise – one third of women post pregnancy, and up to two thirds of menopausal women. That’s what Dr Tapan Patel told me when I went to interview him about Calecim, a new, minimally invasive, non-drug based treatment for hair loss which is showing good – and clinically proven – results.

What’s the new treatment?

It’s called the Calecim Advanced Hair System, it uses growth factors derived from stem cells and Dr Patel, who is medical director of the Phi Clinic in London and one of the best-known global experts in aesthetic medicine, is finding it gives impressive results for his patients who struggle with hair loss.

How does Calecim work?

The Calecim system involves needling a serum rich in growth factors, exosomes and cytokines into the scalp, either in clinic with a microneedling device, or at home, using a dermastamp. ‘Calecim contains a whole bunch of growth factors which send messages to the cells of the body,’ explains Dr Patel, ‘telling the cells to repair. What Calecim does is promote more hair in the growing phase and it reduces inflammation, which is one of the contributing factors in hair loss.’

Why am I trying the treatment?

I didn’t think a hair-loss treatment would be relevant for me. I’m lucky with my hair – there is plenty of it, but on closer examination, it turns out that like so many post-menopausal women, I have thinning along my parting and in what aesthetic nurse Libi Roos calls the ‘hormonal V’s’ at my temples, where my hairline drops sharply back in a V-shape. And of course, you know me, I wanted to experience the treatment so I could tell you what it feels like – and to let you know what it might do for me. So I’ve embarked on a six-week course of treatment, to see what difference the Calecim Advanced Hair System can make.

What’s it like?

The treatment in clinic involves using a sterile wipe to clean the treatment area, spreading a few drops of the Calecim serum onto the area, needling that into the skin, then applying more serum. It’s prickly, yes, but not painful. You can watch the treatment in action here.

My progress so far

I’ve had three treatments so far – one with a clinical microneedling device in the clinic, and two with Libi showing me how to use the dermastamp. The really exciting thing is that I’m starting to see a whole raft of tiny baby hairs growing in the treated areas of those ‘hormonal V’s’. They’re what Libi calls ‘lion’s mane’ hairs – they’re short and even but definitely new and consistent growth.


Using the treatment at home

These tiny baby hairs are encouraging me to keep going with my fourth treatment, which will be at home. I’m told that people often give up on the treatment at this stage, thinking that nothing is happening, and I wouldn’t have spotted these tiny hairs without Libi’s eagle eye to point them out to me. I’m definitely keeping going for the rest of the six weeks, and I’ll report back on Instagram after that.

Most ‘miracle cures’ don’t deliver

I’ve heard and read about dozens of supposed ‘miracle cures’ for hair loss over the years, and am always disappointed when hair restoration experts gently point out to me that apart from the standard drug-based treatments such as Minoxidil (Regaine) and Finasteride, almost none of them have any decent clinical proof that they work.

Calecim has clinical studies to support it

What fascinates me about Calecim is that the science behind its Advanced Hair System has been well-tested and can demonstrate that it works. You can read more about some of the clinical studies here.

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