Why you want to be a plum (not a prune)

IMG_9838Let me explain.

When your face is young it is like a lovely full plum; the skin cells are strong with plenty of collagen, the fat pads fill out your skin, and everything looks fresh and natural.  As you get older, the skin wrinkles, the fat pads shrink, the bone

around the eyes, the temples, the mouth and the jaw recedes… and you end up looking more like a prune. The skin is drier, it’s wrinkled and it hangs in folds.



So what can you do?

25 years ago, the only thing to do was to have a face-lift, to tighten the skin. But a plastic surgeon pointed out the drawbacks of doing this to me. He said, “The trouble is, if you simply have a face-lift and tighten that old, prune-like skin, you don’t end up looking like a young plum, you just end up looking like a tight prune.

“You haven’t turned yourself back into a plum because you’ve lost all the padding on the inside.”

So that’s where tweakments come in really handy. Using dermal fillers, your practitioner can revolumise the areas of your face that have begun to lose their padding — and put some of that plum quality back into the face. And then you’ll end up with a fresher looking face.

Besides, who would want to be a surgically tightened prune?!