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Will Profhilo work for my skin type?

By Georgia Seago
3rd February 2022

Profhilo is massively popular – but who is it good for and why? This injectable skin reconditioning treatment is based on hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occurring molecule that we all have in our skin, which can hold many times its own weight in water, so it’s brilliant for improving skin hydration.

Hyaluronic acid serums are great for hydrating skin from the outside. Profhilo, like other moisturising-from-within tweakments, is injected into the skin, so it is like having a long-lasting hydrating serum placed inside the skin. The molecules of hyaluronic acid in these injectable moisturiser treatments are lightly “crosslinked” – an industry term meaning the bonds between the hyaluronic acid molecules have been intensified through a chemical process  – so that it stays in the skin for a month before it is broken down by the body.

Will Profhilo work for my skin type?



Profhilo is a very fluid sort of hyaluronic acid gel and once it is injected into the skin, it spreads in a very fine layer beneath the surface of the skin. Once it is in place, it provides deep hydration which encourages the skin to regenerate itself.

It has been shown in clinical tests to not just improve hydration in the skin, but also to boost the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels, too. For this reason, Profhilo is classed as a “biostimulator” – something that kickstarts significant renewal within the skin. For those keen to avoid synthetic additives, another plus for Profhilo is that it is free from BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether), a chemical used to crosslink hyaluronic acid molecules into more durable forms of HA gel to stop it being broken down so quickly by the body.

How is Profhilo administered?

You will need to be comfortable with the idea of needles if you are going to try Profhilo, as it has to be injected in order to place the gel beneath the skin. However, the needle itself is fine; there is a slight stinging sensation as the liquid is pushed under the skin. Once it is in place, that extra hydration will improve your skin texture and make it smoother and more supple, giving your complexion the lit-from-within glow that it tends to lose in the approach to middle age. The effects aren’t instant – you need two rounds of treatment, one month apart, and you should expect to start seeing results one month after the second treatment – so eight weeks after the first treatment. If you are 45 or older, you may need three rounds of treatment to see a result – it depends on the original quality of your skin.

What do you look like after Profhilo treatment?

You will need to be prepared for some short-lived redness following Profhilo injections, along with some mosquito-like bumps at the injection sites for three-to-four hours after the procedure as the acid disperses. Other than that, there is no other downtime, making it a really universal treatment.

Who is Profhilo good for?

Like other injectable moisture treatments, Profhilo is great for hydrating and regenerating dry skin, and skin that is showing early signs of ageing. If you are young and have lovely springy skin, its not for you but for anyone whose skin is losing its bounce and glow, it works a treat. The treatment suits all skin colours and skin types from very dry to oily, and results will last for six to nine months.

Does Profhilo make your face puff up?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently asking if Profhilo gives you a ‘fat face’ – it doesn’t. It’s a skin conditioner, not a filler that adds volume.

What does Profhilo cost?

From £750-£900 for two rounds of treatment, depending on location.

If you want to know more about how Profhilo and other injectable moisturisers could work for you, see the FAQs on the Injectable Moisturisers tweakments page.



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