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Will tweakments make you look weird?

By Georgia Seago
2nd May 2023

Now, we know that you all love a tweakment or two – or are at least interested in this world, but there’s one major thing standing in the way of most of you and that procedure you’ve been thinking about.

To find out what you, our readers, consider to be the biggest barriers between you and tweakments, we conducted a survey of 964 of you which included questions on past and planned future tweakments, spending and perceived value, and key concerns, practitioner selection, and tweakments research. Thanks so much to everyone who gave us their views.

What’s stopping you?

One of the most interesting findings that stood out in the data was what might prevent you from having a tweakment. And the biggest reason most of you are cautious? You’re scared of looking weird. A huge 68% of you said a worry about looking weird or ‘done’ was a major factor in preventing you from going ahead with tweakments, more than price (66%), being considered vain (25%), or concerns about the treatment itself (51%), like something going wrong or a fear of needles.

Fear not…

We don’t take tweakments lightly. After all, these are (mostly) medical procedures that aren’t cheap, take time to plan for and sometimes recover from, and require you to trust a relative stranger with your face or body. And there’s always the possibility that things can go wrong. Add to that the media’s fixation on highlighting botched tweakments and wonky-faced or startled-looking celebrities. So, I completely understand fears about what you might end up looking like after your first go at toxin, or when you’ve opted to lift or plump part of your face or freeze off some fat on your body.

And that’s exactly why TTG exists. Alice set up the site as a one-stop shop for you to find everything you need to know to minimise as much as possible the chances of anything going wrong with your tweakment or ending up unhappy with the results.

So how can you quell those fears? 

  • Research, research, research. Find out everything you can about the tweakment you’re considering on The Tweakments Guide and other reputable, medically backed sources.
  • Don’t rush. Never rush into making a decision on a tweakment. Take your time to thoroughly investigate it, ask questions, save money if need be, and gather opinions from those around you – if that’s something that matters to you.
  • Use our practitioner finder and once you’ve set up a consultation(s), ask the practitioner these questions and request plenty of before-and-after pictures of previous cases who had the same treatment.
  • Make sure you’re not contraindicated and that the tweakment is the best option to treat your concern on your face or body. There’s nothing wrong with asking practitioners about alternatives.
  • If it’s injectables – and especially filler – ask what amount of product the practitioner thinks you need, where, and their reasoning behind this. If it’s your first time, it’s best to start with a conservative amount and add more once you’ve had time to assess the results.
  • Follow pre-procedure and aftercare advice to the letter. It’s vital that you do your bit to make everything run as smoothly as possible. You can’t blame the practitioner if you end up with results you don’t like because of your own doing.

There’s plenty of more information here about how to approach the world of tweakments safely and get the results you want.

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