Wunderbrow eyebrow gel

September 16, 2015

Latest in the slew of brow-boosters to arrive on my desk is Wunderbrow – a brush-on gel in a lipgloss-sized tube with a brush on a wand (again, like a lip gloss ) to paint it on with. Its USP is the ‘permafix’ technology that binds the colour pigment in the gel to the brow-hairs, so that each hair ends up with a flexible coating of colour that is meant to stay put until it is taken off with make-up remover. In other words, it lasts for days. 

Which is brilliant, except that knowing this, it took me weeks to get round to trying the product because I didn’t want to end up looking like a cartoon baddie — too-big, too-dark eyebrows look ridiculous on me.
I tried the Blonde shade, to be on the safe side – and it’s great, though it is tricky to wield the long wand-applicator with precision, so the gel ended up a bit splotched but it was easy enough to comb it through  (you get a spiral wand for this in the pack) then tidy up around the edges with a cotton bud.
The gel itself is a pale, mousy colour which turns a dark but realistic brown once it is in place — and once in place, it stays and stays. You can scrub your fingers over it, you can swim, you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser and it won’t budge — until you tackle it with an oil-based cleanser or eye make-up remover (so, yes, I needn’t have worried).  It’s £19.95 at wunder2.co.uk