Nurse knows best...when it comes to hand care

Yes Nurse – Protect your Lovely Hands

What is it? Super-effective new hand cream

What’s the USP? Nurse knows best what’s good for you. The product has been created by UK pediatric nurse Antonia Steven to fix hands that are over-dry, sore and cracked from over-washing.

Standout qualities?  As well as the usual water, glycerin and propylene glycol, the cream has helpful natural active ingredients such as Manuka honey and plant seed oils that are high in essential fatty acids, to help support skin’s natural defences. It absorbs fast and somehow manages to protect hands against future washing.

How new is it? Launched 2012, it has already scored industry recognition and was a finalist in its category at the 2013 CEW (UK) Beauty Awards, which are known as the Oscars of the beauty industry

Verdict? Remarkably good.  £5.49