Watch the cellulite melt!


What is it? 

Zaggora have famously made their name by producing hot technology motivated clothing products – clothing that is specially designed to help burn more calories using natural body heat.  The company was the brainchild of ex-Banker Dessi Bell who came up with the concept after struggling to find an effective solution to lose weight and tone up in time for her wedding. Zaggora have now made their first foray into the beauty product market with Motion Lotion and Svelt Melt (£35 each,


What’s the USP? 

Both lotions are designed to be used with the shorts. The Lotion Motion contains caffeine which is known to act on fat cells and encourage tissue drainage, green bean extract to target stretch marks, lupin seed extract to stimulate collagen production and Peruvian Inca Inchi oil to help the skin maintain moisture.

Svelt Melt is a body contouring gel containing similar ingredients to Lotion Motion but with the addition of red pepper extract which increases dermal circulation and collagen production. In tests 84% of women agreed that it was effective at smoothing the skin.  


Why the name? 

The company is named after Stara Zagora – the city in Bulgaria where Dessi is from.


How new is it? 
The two body lotions were launched in the UK early in 2013.