Photo of tram in Manchester city centre

When it comes to wrinkles, no tweakment is more well-known than this wrinkle-relaxing injection. It’s an injectable toxin (that’s been thoroughly researched to ensure its safety) which works by inhibiting the contraction of muscles in the treated area. This stops you frowning or otherwise expressing in a way that crunches up your face and causes wrinkles to set in. This not only makes your skin appear smoother, but gives the skin time to recover a little and fortify the collagen and elastin structures which help to combat wrinkles in the first place. It wears off after a while—exactly how long depends on the area treated so it ranges from 3–6 months—so requires repeat treatments to maintain the effect.

The most famous brand of all of the wrinkle-relaxing injections is Botox—so much so that it’s now become practically synonymous with the treatment itself. You may have seen pictures in the media of ‘frozen’ faces—that’s what I call ‘Bad Botox’. How do you avoid this? It’s all down to the practitioner. I’ve listed some of the best practitioners in the Manchester area down below, but you can also use the full practitioner finder if you want to cast the net wider. Whomever you visit, make sure you get a full consultation and the opportunity to go away and think about the treatment before you go under the needle.


Tweakments are hugely popular in the Manchester area and it’s where you’ll find the greatest concentration of clinics outside London. Manchester is a city where high fashion and luxury lifestyle meet and where people don’t hesitate when it comes to investing in looking glamorous. Typical of the Mancunians, you’ll find that there’s a refreshing frankness and openness in their honesty about having had cosmetic procedures done. It’s a topic that’s very much open for discussion, unlike in the South. You’ll also find a difference in the look people go for, with clinics noticing an emphasis on enhancement in Manchester (as well as Stockport, Bolton, and other satellite towns), whereas in London patients more often want to look like their younger selves. It’s fair to say that people are perfectionists when it comes to their looks, which is why you need to go to the best practitioner—to make sure it’s done right. That’s why you’ll find some of the best practitioners in Manchester below.